House in Zapallar / Pilar Garcia, Carolina Portugueis, Martin Labbe

Architect: Pilar García A., Carolina Portugueis W., Martín Labbé P.
Location: Zapallar, V Región,
Contractor: Belco S.A.
Structure: Joel Contreras
Site area: 5,000 sqm
Built area: 396 sqm
Project Year: 2006
Construction Year: 2007
Building materials: Concrete, Stone,
Photographs: Carolina Portugueis, Martin Labbe

The house is located in the north hillside of Zapallar’s bay, on the coastal way, in an area with a slope of 30 %. There cross a ravine that brings the waters rains of the top sites.
The best sights to the southwest are opposite to the good sun orientation of the volume, the pronounced slope and the privacy to the access road determined the form.

The house is located in the high part of the site, parallel to the slope, giving to all the enclosures possibility of sight by means of the disposition of these in one narrow row.
The living dining room, kitchen and principal bedroom are located in the top level of arrival, and the children’s pieces and the play room in the low level.
The exterior terraces and the covered court they remain contained in the volume of the house, framing the sights and erasing the lateral constructions.

Three retaining walls expand the house of the natural terrain, allowing the entry of the Sun to the first floor, shaping two courts against the hill. The first one, under the access of cars, characterizes the circulation of the first level. The second one relates the level of the children to the play room and the kitchen in the top level, transforming in the place where all the routes cross.
On this court, it crosses the top volume as a bridge, leaving a roofed and different zone with the Sun. This court liberates of construction the band where the ravine passes.

The house was constructed in seen concrete, and the interiors re-dressed in wood. The walls of containment that go against the hill are of Zapallar’s typical stone.

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  • cristofer

    se ve bien, se nota la diferencia usando lo mismo pero no igual, lo que no me queda claro es ese uro de piedra.

  • Musser

    Another wonderful work from Chile. Amazing work coming from there of late.

  • Rafa

    Very nice work. However, where are the interior pictures? It seems that this is the typical architectural project that with very nice exterior forms but poor or undesigned interiors that have no relation to the concept.

    Buena forma arquitectonica pero parece que los interiores no tienen nada de importancia ni diseño relacionado al exterior…Tipico!

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  • allen

    Remarkable work.
    powerful construction and nice free space under de wall-bridge

  • AndrésL

    In This Bulding you can see a lot of the architect´s spirit. That makes it more interesting…

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  • as’

    yeah, fell in love with this one. chile rules