108 Residence / A-cero

© Courtesy of

Architects: A-cero / Joaquin Torres
Location: Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid, Spain
Associate Architect: Rafael Llamazares de la Fuente
Technical Architect: Sandra Moreno
Contractor: Formas & Entornos S.L.
Project Area: 1,021.57 sqm
Project Year: 2006-2008
Photographs: Courtesy of A-cero

The Architecture Studio A-cero, managed by Joaquín Torres and his associate architect Rafael Llamazares, presents this housing in the outskirts of Madrid, in “Pozuelo de Alarcón”.

ground floor plan

It has been designed from a clear sculptural inspiration; the blocks appear dressed in travertino and create curved shapes and edges. These elements emphasize the project’s wings and contribute to give weightlessness to the building.

© Courtesy of A-cero

In the main entrance there is a vertical fail made of stone dark granite that contrasts with the facade.

The large windows facilitate the access of the light to the house’s interior. In the first floor you can find the hall, kitchen and service area. In a lower floor there are the most intimate areas constituted by the bedrooms and spaces for free time.

© Courtesy of A-cero
© Courtesy of A-cero

The house, with a 1.000 sqm area, dialogues with the natural environment and, from the point of view of the design, shows the A-cero Studio signs and its architecture philosophy.

Cite: "108 Residence / A-cero" 09 May 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 30 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=58707>
  • dUFFY

    umh, certainly very white and sculptural, lekker mass language in a cosmic landscape which works. Its a bit better than Boere Baroque. My two cents is a thumbsup. But then again i do have a soft spot for LeCorb.dUF XXX

  • Antonio

    Amazing. A-cero rocks even with its commercial focused practice :)

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  • roberto

    What’s up with the gratuitous cantilevered framing device? Would someone please explain the necessity of this tectonic element?

    • Chris

      It says they give weightlessness to the building. They’re aesthetic, does a private residence need any more justification than that?

      • blackstone

        while it’s a strong, sculptural form it seems a rather empty architectural conceit– it heroically frames the space over the ramp to the basement garage(!) and cannot be experienced from within the house. i’m inclined to see it as a monstrously empty gesture.

  • shetu

    good looking….well finished…..sculpture like mass…….but more appropriate for a public building like museum or cultural center etc. the volume of the solids are too much overpowering to create a homely atmosphere……. Aesthetic sense is good.

  • ryan

    ha, yeah, it does need more justification that that. its like half the size of the house.

    however, it is a beautiful piece of architecture.

  • that’s what she

    all i can say is….

  • bshi

    very very nice palette of color and its proportion to the surrounding
    captures the landscape into the building yet not in an overwhelming way
    the use of material is amazing
    you dont notice subtle difference in how the materials vary until you see it close up
    fun piece of architecture

  • Antonio

    Roberto, I think we are beyond extreme rationalism now. You could also say, whats the necessity of marble instead of concrete or bricks that would have been cheaper? This is a house for the wealthy and wealthy people have the normal attitude of buying stuff that make a difference. This house does.

    • Adri

      I don’t see the necessity of marble & the wings. So i guess money is the answer.
      But really stunning though

  • Andrew

    The text mentions a ‘vertical fail’.

    I’m not sure what that means. Is that an architectural term or harsh criticism?

    • blackstone

      perhaps they meant ‘sail’

  • http://uptodayarch.blogspot.com up_today_arch

    Good style. Looks like part of sy-fi cinema… It is very close to my view on architecture…

  • http://thedesignaggregate.com/ tDA

    I’m on-side with you Roberto.
    That thing simply looks like “fluff”

    • investureB

      and i suppose you like lost of clutter scattered around too….so it feels nice and cozy eh?…A-CERO ROCKS and don’t forget it.

  • arnold

    the shapes/form of this building are realy artistic, substantial/solid and serious. the building is realy nice and interesting.

    - this building looks like little museum, but not like living house;
    - the “handle (of dipper :-)” – at first sign it looks very interesting and excitingly. but later I thought what is the meaning, the purpose, of this architectural element? what is the function of this building detail. except beauty without any function I can’t see. but also I can see a little little.. kitsch germ. this element hanging himself, despite that IT is the continuation of all the arch.body.

    this building (exterior decoration, forms) also remind me the ancient Maya, Inca civilizations.

    well… I like this house, becouse he is interesting :-).

  • S

    I think it’s awful, it’s a very simple standard house which has been covered in marble and other purely decorative elements, this office makes has made clear that they only do projects with a very VERY high budgets. Is an empty architecture project, all the elements that can make someone look at this house with interest are only MAKE UP, this is no architecture . . .this is a way for someone to show that he has a lot of money . . . . . and A-CERO are specialists in that, is their core business.
    It makes me really angry to see things like that. . . .
    I have nothing against high budget homes, everyone has the right to spend their money the way they like, but this is not by any way a god architecture project, it’s a sculpture with beds inside.

  • giannella

    love it! when can i move in?

  • Antuan

    S… When you state such a dramatic opinion, the least you can do is to give the reasons behind it. You only repeat yourself over and over again without mentioning what’s wrong about it. Composition? Bad construction? Wrong orientation? Bad circulation scheme? Wrong dimensions? What is make up to you and what is good architecture? Speaking of make up I don’t know if you are male or female, either way a little make up does no harm to anybody. Or maybe you’re a hippie (or in spanish perroflauta…).
    You know what? I’m going to take a chance here… I think you are spanish, and as every good spaniard you practice the national sport which is ENVY. What do you think about that?
    And by the way, check your english… It’s devastating.

    • Ohboy

      At least he only bashed a house he didn’t know much of, not a person.

  • dmv

    Cristiano Ronaldo’s House!!!



  • http://www.aymanstar.com Ayman Star

    Great Job .. extremely awsome .. thanks designer\photographer\arch daily …

  • rawan jamal

    The building is simple but it has various elements used in a smart way. Good integration within the surrounding and the different materials.

  • John

    very nicee