Nisha Bar-Lounge / Pascal Arquitectos

Architects: Pascal Arquitectos
Location: City,
Contractor: Pascal Arquitectos
Furniture: Pascal Arquitectos
Project year: 2007-2008
Constructed Area: 885 sqm
Photographs: Sófocles Hernández & Jaime Navarro

The project comes up from the intention of creating an entertainment space for adults of 30 years old and over. The place houses a lounge and a restaurant-bar area connected by a lobby. The lobby, predominantly in dark tones since it is covered with black metal plates and “terrazo” floor, is illuminated by psychedelic images displayed by eight plasma screens.

The lounge walls are completely covered in and sourrounded by large windows overlooking to a forest; within this space there are several small sets of living rooms, each one with a plasma screen which recreates images simulating a fireplace, a fishtank or a landscape, etc. The furniture is comfortable and deep, all of them distributed around an exotic palm.

The restaurant-bar is surrounded by crystal walls that changes colors in combination with the music and the videos. This section also displays a 15 meter long bar and further up, at the back, a same size by 3 meters height hi-res video screen submerges us into a virtual world: for a moment we can be watching the Earth from outer space, and in other flying through the clouds, exploring a tropical forest or swimming surrounded by sharks; all this liven up by a hi-fi sound equipment.

The restrooms were designed as if they were part of the recreational spaces decorating them with a service bar and a cozy sofa. The use and the color mix in every single space of the premises generates visual delight complemented by the music, the videos and the social atmosphere.

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  • hgf0913

    very good

  • Iluminet

    Excelent proyect, specially for the lighting. We enjoy it more because we are from Mexico City. Congratulations
    Luis Juan

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  • Светлана

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  • Angel Giron

    Cuanto capital se requiere para ejecutar el proyecto?
    How much money i need to do this proyect and work with you guys?

  • Jhonnatan Hernández

    Desde que lo habia visto en, si no me confundo, en Wallpaper* me encanto el concepto y el estilo. A mi punto de vista, mexico tiene un estilo de arquitectura que deberia darsele mas publicidad. Es muy unico y diferente a los demas, la verdad.

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  • Hein Kowalski

    The plasmas are a terrible addition.

    Totally unnecessary!

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    nice! [IMG][/IMG]