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A new hospital typology has been designed by the team of Hord Coplan Macht + Spevco that eliminates the need for a standard hospital.  In their design, 58 trailers provide a fully operational, fully mobile 48-bed hospital.   The trailers include every aspect of a hospital – from waiting gift shops, to surgical suites with 4 O.R.s, pharmacies and labs.   The design is the future of how westernized health care will travel abroad.  It is a system that effectively transforms health care for entire regions and countries over time, letting the hospital and care come to the patient.

More about the mobile idea after the break.

Different trailers cater to different medical needs.  For instance, a single unit trailer (or 5-unit suites) would be specifically oriented to some aspect of patient care, such as a Women’s Health Clinic.  This 5-unit clinic could be shut down in one location, mobilized, and re-opened in about 2 to 3 days.  Thus, it would serve as an outreach model for major health care systems.

Other trailers may be outfitted for an imaging suite (including resources to perform an MRI, Mammography, CT Scan and X-Ray scanning, with a supporting nurse station and waiting area), a mobile health clinic ( for general health care including blood draw stations) and even an emergency suite (complete with 2 trauma bays with 8 urgent care beds and an ambulance bay to expand emergency care services for existing facilities).

Another model is the ‘flagship hospital’, a teaching hospital that is sponsored and supported by a university level teaching hospital, educating the local medical population abroad to provide westernized health care.

The trailer complex has been designed to allow the entire hospital to be disassembled, moved to a new location, and re-opened in a mere 2 weeks.

Additional Information:



Overall Healthcare Facility:                  55,380 SF

Entry Lobby, Waiting, Gift Shop:           3,015 SF

On-Call Suite:                                        5,025 SF

- includes mens and womens shower units, mens and womens on-call rooms, and a doctor’s lounge.

Cafeteria, Kitchen and Servery:            4,020 SF

- does not include 2,190 SF dining patio.

Acute Care In-Patient Services:           10,050 SF

- services 48 patient beds.

Emergency Department:                       5,025 SF

- includes two trauma bays, and 8 urgent care beds.

Pharmacy:                                              1,005 SF

Administration/Admitting:                      2,010 SF

Labs/Phlebotomy:                                  2,010 SF

ICU Suite:                                               3,015 SF

- includes 8 patient beds.

Imaging Suite:                                        5,025 SF

- includes an MRI, CT Scan, Mammo., and X-Ray (Radiology).

Surgical Suite:                                       7,035 SF

- includes 4 O.R.s, 4 Pre-Op beds and 4 Recovery beds.

Materials Mgmt / Central Sterile:          3,845 SF

Ambulance Entry:                                  725 SF

Restricted Corridor:                               1,245 SF

Public Corridors:                                    2,330 SF


50 double expandable units

1 single expandable unit

7 linkage corridors.


The building block of advanced mobile healthcare -

Shipping Dimensions:                 8′-0″W x 52′-0″L

Shipping Volume:                       3,385 cubic feet

Expanded Dimensions:               22′-0″W x 52′-0″L

Expanded Volume:                      7,480 cubic feet

5-unit suite Shipping Volume:      16,925 cubic feet

5-unit suite Expanded Volume:    37,400 cubic feet

5-unit suite square footage:        4,738 square feet

Design Team:

HCM – Rolf Haarstad, Chun-Fa Tan, Daniel Umscheid, David Lopez

– Ben Omensky, Tii Tharpe, Bob Jordan, Luigi Utili

Cite: Cilento, Karen. "Mobile Hospital / Hord Coplan Macht + Spevco" 01 Apr 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 25 May 2015. <>
  • camperson

    At last! A mobile architecture that will allow Americans to export their much coveted health care system to underdeveloped nations!

    side note: this would also make for an amazing nightclub at burning man!

  • Atthsit

    That so great!!! very cool

  • Erick Ferna

    Are the palm trees also mobile???

    this is one good idea that ended up in a very bad project….

    gift shop??? wtf??? This idea should be used on dissasters or in developing countries… and I just can’t imagine a haitian buying a magnet for their destroyed fridge…

    and look at how they sell it… like: “it does not include batteries”…

    I’m sorry but this is too “westernized” for being functional… fail

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  • Fernando

    Well,, I loved how the article states that this ELIMINATES the need for STANDARD hospitals… Seriously??
    These ideas of mobile hospitals allways lack of a solution for water and power..enven when they have just a couple of trailers.. do you have any idea of how much, water, electicity, air 55,000SF of hospital space will require to provide adequate STANDARD care?? Let’s not even talk about redundancy….But They in the desert just hook it up the next Oasis water main every two weeks…..
    Now I am am curiuos about the “Flagship” version,,,,

    • peter

      I have to agree with the last two comments regarding this project, the idea (though not original) is a good one but very poorly thought through and almost offensive in it’s presentation. Glossy imagery and videos may convince the money people of this world but to develop this kind of typology for real situations requires serious consideration and thinking and numerical calculations to validate propositions. To the designers I would encourage you to do such developmental work as the intent of the idea is admirable.

      • Bahadır

        You say that the idea is not original. Who finds the idea first do you know ?

  • eugene

    its so easy to move and place 58 trailers in the middle of flat nowhere.especially in times of crises. are we suppose to be that naiive.

    • claudem

      gimme five

  • gerson

    good old idea
    the best is using containers-no wheels, transportable by air too. easy to connect.
    The presentation is more than the project- a good and saling the project


    Pretty sure those will never drive on the sand that easy. I know that’s not the point, but just saying.

  • Philip

    The concept of emergency mode that would need such flexibility id naive, the whole programme of space would not be needed and could probably be better provided for using simpler inflatable structures as the army already use or even simple tents. The sheer cost of the units would rule them out in any case

  • hugn

    :D :D
    let me laugh… look at those palm trees… hahaha… looks like paradise on earth. Asking the same as Erick above: “are these trees also mobile?” well, probably they travel with their trucks through the desert trying to find palm trees that are growing in a circular configuration :D … no honestly, you were wasting energy on the wrong thing… fail


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    Thanks and regards,
    Mohammed Akhteruddin

    • Matt Salloum

      Dear Mr. Mohammed,
      I beleive our coporporation will be more than happy to support your request as we had so many previous projects in Saudi Arabia and UAE in the rescue, ambulance and specialty vehicles field.

      Kindly forward your request to the following email ( and we will contact you soon accordingly.

      Matt Salloom
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  • Sue Morgan

    Doing a community project for my BSN program and would like your permission to use this video as part of our project. Would be more than happy to give the credit where credit is due. This is basically a paper targeting a certain group of people with a certain problem and how we would go about helping them. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Your ideas are totally awesome. Thank you for your time. Sue

  • Nightshade

    How would you get these trucks into damaged countries such as Haiti when there were hardly ay ports, planes or roads functioning? great idea for a perfect, accident-free world!

  • Christopher Justice

    i will like to know more on your mobile hospital trailers if it meets up with the requirement we need for a mobile hospital projects.



  • A.C. Beck

    I would like a cost estimate for a mobile hospital unit. We are a charity, so we would start with a basic unit, hoping to expand as we get funds.

  • wcka

    support the idea of mobile hospital, what is the implementation problem your company are facing? let us know =] and what is your expected time to realize this project? thanks a lot!

  • lanja dh

    interesting ….

  • Nice Promise

    We required Mobile Hospital for our project here in Nigeria, this requirement for our Road Safety sector. please give us details and if you have any agent here in Nigeria please inform me.
    Thanks and regards,

  • AF Gago

    I’m looking for a Mobile Hospital composed by 3 different trailers, including Full equipped operations room, ICU, Diagnostic Unit (Lab and Doctors room), 12 bed and 2 for ICU, oxygen self production unit, piping, AC Devices, Electric Generator. I would like to be in contact wiht manufactors/suppliers. AF Gago