Taipei Performing Arts Center / Kokkugia

We have featured several designs for the Performing Arts Center (such as the winning proposal by OMA previously featured on AD), and our latest project is from Kokkugia, a New York and London based architecture firm.  ’s form, which is based on the location’s unique geography, is a compelling composition that attempts to create “a dynamic venue and a public space of spectacle.”   The slight slope of the site in emphasized in the form, as visitors enter from under the building.  The interior aims to create the best possible acoustics.  The roof is a network of semi-autonomous agents that reorganize to adjust so that the roof maintains some of its original geometry and other parts shift freely.

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Cite: Cilento, Karen. "Taipei Performing Arts Center / Kokkugia" 27 Feb 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 16 Sep 2014. <>


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    There is a mistake in the text.
    OMA won the competition for Taipei Performing Arts Center
    Reiser + Umemoto won the Taipei Pop Music Center competition
    Those are two different competitions

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    To Ghar… it is not combination of Z.H. and F.G. Generally, we have main architectural process, one for all architects, who think about the progress. And we have 20 persons, who presents most important projects. But, just middle level architects forms the process. Star architects may use one or another side of steame and made it as basic idea of creativity.

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    So.. why do you need that on top? Because as I understand from the renders – the space below the roof is not air tight?

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    At least this is a “free-form thing” that proposes a good volume work, specially the duality between the free-form roof and the solid concrete base.

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    I’m wondering which are our aims. A single photogram of “avatar” worths thousands of these “CG” projects… Are we trying to get a job in pixar’s industries? If it’s so, there is a lot to learn, otherwise I guess this nice images are quite useless.

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    “..not being able to create art, they will not understand art…”

    This is an amazing piece of work. Can’t wait to see what comes next!

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    I am always very interested in how architects/designers solve the acoustic control problems in an auditorium. I love the attention to detail Kokkugia used when designing the pattern texture on the auditorium walls.

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    quite frankly, the ignorance of these tween architect wannabe students really pisses me off.

    just goes to show what kind of readers this site gets.

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