Libeskind Selected to Design Canadian National Holocaust Monument

Daniel Libeskind’s “elongated Star of David” has been announced today, the architect’s 67th birthday, as the winner of an international design competition for ’s National Holocaust Monument. Selected from a shortlist of six, the winning ”Landscape of Loss, Memory and Survival” monument is expected to be constructed in the Canadian capital of on the corner of Wellington and Booth Streets sometime next year. 

“Carved from the flat, ground plain of the historic LeBreton Flats, the Monument stands as a silent and dignified space shielded from the highway and road traffic providing controlled vistas toward the Canadian War Museum, the surrounding landscape and the Canadian Parliament. This Monument is a “Landscape of Loss, Memory and Survival” in which a star is created by six triangular volumes at each of its points organized around a large gathering space for ceremonies. Each one of these volumes provides a unique theme and ambiance for interpretation, contemplation and artistic expression.”

The winning team, dubbed “Team Lord,” was led by Museum planner Gail Lord who worked with architect Daniel Libeskind, artist Edward Burtynsky, landscape architect Claude Cormier, and Holocaust scholar Dr. Doris Berger.

You can review the five competing schemes, here

Excerpt taken from team’s project presentation. 

Reference: Government of CanadaThe Calgary Sun

Cite: Rosenfield, Karissa. "Libeskind Selected to Design Canadian National Holocaust Monument" 12 May 2014. ArchDaily. Accessed 26 May 2015. <>
  • Gabi B

    Apart from the fact that the concept rivals first year architecture school projects, i seriously doubt that Canada is in need of a holocaust memorial. While the holocaust was indeed one of the most tragic and dark chapters in human history, i fail to see Canada’s connection to this phenomenon, at least at a scale that would justify a memorial. I honestly think that what is happening is the transformation of a tragedy into an architectural / commercial franchise.

  • shinkansen

    whow! Libeskind Selected to Design another Holocaust Monument!
    Nice franchising!

  • bLogHouse

    Star of David – holocaust museum?! Wow, what a genius! Liebeskind has established himself as the quintessential one-trick pony, however, a good match for holocaust museums.

  • obvious right!?

    Appart from the fact that there should be, normally, a competition to chose the best etc., this choice doesn’t surprise at all – money stays in the house always, therefore ‘libeskind’ is the good choice for them !


    I’m wondering what David Irving, Ernst Zundel and Fred Leuchter think about this “architectural act” ;)

  • matty blue

    to the surprise of absolutely no one, ever.

    on the other hand, i’m glad he won, now i don’t have to visit it. i can get the experience by visiting literally any other building he has ever built. honestly, hasn’t the ‘holocaust museum’ become an cliched archetype at this point? shards, broken pieces of whatever, etc.?

  • doubt

    Too bad, I thought the Saucier + Perrote, and the Quadrangle proposals were much stronger.

  • AFD0

    Another great chance for the money-grubbing Libeskinds to milk the Holocaust for all it’s worth. They won’t be happy until they’ve squeezed every dollar out of the tragedy. They are a disgrace to the Jewish Community and the world.

  • Mani

    I guess we have victims in our own era to build memorials for , like the ones under the apartheid regime in occupied lands of Palestine.

  • hotcommodity

    Because Jews were the only nationality to suffer in the holocaust. Way to show cultural sensitivity.

  • Salad

    What kind of architect continues to move ahead after producing such a patently pathetic concept sketch?