Garden House 0.96 / Bailo Rull ADD+ Arquitectura

Architects: ADD+ Arquitectura – Manuel Bailo Esteve, Rosa Rull Bertran
Location: Igualada,
Collaborators: O.Florejachs, N.Canas, D.Franz, E.Grammont, M.Hita, P.Juarez, J.Maroto, A.Romero, M.Rull, M.Cabestany, J.Vives
Client: Godó Family
Constructed Area: 200 sqm
Budget: US $627,000
Project year: 2003
Photographs: José Hevia

The house has been designed in a parcel with extremely high topography. The parcel is located at the end of the city of Igualada, and the project will look to the landscape at the front.

The views are excellent and the mobility inside and outside the house will define the project.

The house could be understood like a promenade throw the landscape. And the House 0.96 will be the promenade between the level of the car road (entrance) to the level of the river ().

The structural solution of the project is a continuous steel tube fitted in the earth at the extremes. A steel tube covered with aluminum panels which flies over the trees of the parcel.

Cite: "Garden House 0.96 / Bailo Rull ADD+ Arquitectura" 28 Aug 2008. ArchDaily. Accessed 19 Sep 2014. <>


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    amazingly dynamic housing project. Not easy to design an housing case into so public welcomed form. I am wandering what is the green material on the roof, sort of a green plastic or painting? or real grass….

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    i look at alot of architecture daily and this one is TRULY UNIQUE! although it has a ton of interesting angles and is ultra modern it blends into the site beautifully. VERY NICE!

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    amazing diagram. the idea of the “green” color on the roof is thoughtful. i love the view of looking up toward the house, it looks like somthing out of the boundary

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