Buckminster Fuller’s Geodesic Dome Home to be Restored as Museum

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On April 19, Southern University will begin to restore the world’s first home, built by Buckminster Fuller. Originally assembled in just seven hours from 60 wooden triangle panels, the dome was occupied by Fuller and his wife, Lady Anne, in the 1960s during his residency at SIU. After Fuller’s death, the dome was used as student housing before falling into disrepair. In 2001, the home was donated to a non-profit that had it listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2006. It will now be restored and preserved as a museum in Carbondale. 

Buckminster Fuller’s Carbondale dome home, via FullerDomeHome.org

More information about the restoration, here.

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  • alex

    The beauty of the Geodesic Dome was that it could be built fast, cheap, and anywhere. I think it ridiculous to “restore” this building, Fuller would have been against this idea. I lived two blocks from this house in Carbondale, it is in complete disrepair and should be demolished. Honor Buckys legacy by using the principals he developed-quickly and cheaply-remake the house from scratch!

  • Katrina

    The Bucky Home was a Pease Dome designed by Alvin E. Miller. The whole Bucky legacy is a crock, when they ignore that Bucky bought the prefabricated Pease Dome. Bucky patented the geometry. Al Miller and Pease Woodworking patented the contsruction of the actual panel domes.

  • Miguel

    Southern Illinois University is not restoring this dome. It is being restored through the work of a non-profit board of community members. SIU, which should be proud of Bucky’s time here instead repudiates his legacy. There are no memorials to him on campus, virtually no recognition that he taught here for a decade. Chancellor Rita Cheng arranged to dismantle a small metal dome structure in front of the architecture building after it had been used as a shelter by protestors during the Occupy movement. Bucky would have been horrified.