Fougères Biblioteque / Tétrarc Architects


Stéphane Chalmeau shared with us his photos on a new library by French firm Tétrarc Architects .

The Fougères Biblioteque follows the contemporary approach to libraries as meeting spaces, rather than just book storage. Due to the public function of the building,it expresses itself to the city trough the facade details seen on the above photo.

The program is distributed in two levels. The building is seen as a compact mass, with excavations to bring light and green into the building, as you can see on the complete photoset below:

Cite: "Fougères Biblioteque / Tétrarc Architects" 11 Feb 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 24 May 2015. <>
  • brent

    I think this should be on the list for building of the year. love the proportions and scale of the facades, and the way the faces play with the solid/open. And the screened element brings an act of playfulness to the inside and out.

    • David Basulto


      It will be included for nomination on the 2010 awards.

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  • richie

    very nice, i really like the “alphabet soup” facade, extraordinary!!!!
    i was thinking that the crisis hit architecture real bad, but this work make me think better.Buildings are touchable representations of what’s going on.

  • chas

    I really love this.
    the “letter screen” is amazing. i absolutely love the light play that it creates. the reading sculpture is amazing. I wanna build one of those in my living room.

    not really a fan of the exterior. really really needs landscaping. it appears that the only tree in the project is that one poor lonely tree in the middle of the courtyard.

    great project

    • Mario


      You said it all. I have to agree, the lack of “biology” outside is a bit frightening. I wonder if that was intentional. But the building itself is fair game for kudos and high recognition.

  • Kolohe

    simple and clean.

  • WSBY

    very inteligent and pure, neutral architecture! very nice and awesome :) good work I like it

  • Lucas

    I realy do think it would be much better if the words outside in elevation were smaller. We can see in the last pic the relation between the size of the words and the human scale is not thaaat much. Imagine the words writting something in the tables….

    • yeah

      Oh, come on, you see a complex building like this where there were thousands design decisions made and your only comment is to change one details’ scale because you feel like it? That’s truly unfair and ignorant.

      On the other hand – the photos are beautiful, but where are the plans and sections?

    • Alphagetti

      I’d imagine that a) Detail fine enough for shadow words would be lost and b) Too many shadows would be very distracting

      • Lucas

        uau! take it easy…come on! I just said only ONE point I think is not thaaaaaat good, but I didn’t said the pics aren’t good as the build isn’t ok. You should not judge me for only on point of view.

        And I really do thing the words should be smaller to be in a human scale of perseption on the table, on the floor. It would be a fine details with a great difference.

  • Małgorzata

    This coloureful room is lovely.Grats!

  • Borhaven

    This a beautiful no nonsense project. Can we please have some plans and sections?

  • Albanksy

    That’s really a beautiful project. Tetrarc Architects also do love colours. They have other very beautiful projects near and in Nantes (France). You can see the last project ‘Many’ on their website… and in the reality, it’s greater than in photograph.

  • llp_lc

    there are thonsands of building like this around the world…..may be this is more boring than others

  • tasnim

    These alphabet concept remind me ” Vila de Gràcia Library” entrance by “josep llinas”!

  • zitoon

    The french chic !

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  • Miesgunnaroeyourboat

    I love this building. REALLY awesome

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  • ninop

    donde puedo encontrar la planiemteria de este proyecto..

    gracias :P

  • Danny

    this build is amazing, does anyone know if the lettered trellises actualy read as part of texts or are they just a random arrangement of letters?

  • Danny

    the build is amazing, but does anyone know whether the lettered trellises are actual texts or are they just a random arrangement of letters?