Biennale Pavilion / Shigeru Ban Architects

The HZ SZ Bi-City Biennale is in full swing (we just featured the Bug Pavilion a few days ago) and the festival’s catchy “‘Bring Your Own ” (BYOB) slogan aims to stimulate “our collective role in the creation of an innovative Bi-City between Hong Kong and .”  Conversations around the area are focusing on how Hong Kong’s society can make an active imprint on their city’s future.  The BYOB is “at once contextual but also reflective, a unique opportunity to speculate on what our impact on the metropolis could be.”  For the Biennale’s main pavilion, designed by Shiegeru Ban Architects, a paper tube structure provides a semi-open space for events such as forums, workshops and events.

More about the main pavilion after the break.

The pavilion’s form creates a prominent presence within the landscape as it can be seen from the skyline across the bay. The plan encloses a large regular shaped interior accessible from all sides with a high 12 metre ceiling. The openings can be closed off in numerous arrangements to flexibly accommodate the various events that will be held.

An international legion of designers, architects, educators, arts supporters and creative innovators are leading the Hong Kong Biennale Curatorial Team. Led by Marisa Yiu (Chief Curator), the Curatorial Team is also composed of Alan Lo (Curator for Arts, City Integration and Events), Eric Schuldenfrei (Curator for Exhibition, Education, Film and Media), and Frank Yu (Curator for Architecture, Urbanism and Landscape).  For more details about the ongoing Biennale, check out their website.

Cite: Cilento, Karen. "Biennale Pavilion / Shigeru Ban Architects" 21 Jan 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 23 May 2015. <>
  • ygogolak

    would have been nice to see some of the connection details.

  • nic

    lame version of renzo piano’s IBM pavillion.

  • Dustin

    I loved a lot of the paper work that Shigeru did in the past, but I would really like to see some new concepts from the office. New materials? New ways of building? New forms?

  • m.amin mohamadi

    So Good