Malvazinky Penthouse / HSH architekti

Architects: HSH architekti
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Project Team: Simona Fišerová, Petr Hájek, Tomáš Hradečný, Jan Kolář, Jan Šépka
Project Year: 2004
Construction Year: 2006
Photographs: Ester Havlová

The existing attic space layout of a terrace house from the 1930s was not suitable for the owner’s new requirements. We opted for a radical solution to improve the functional arrangement of the attic space and to significantly increase the total area of the flat. A new mass with a platform roof extending beyond the floor plan of the building was attached to the existing roof truss.



The new mass of the facia is also reflected in the interior, including the porthole created in response to the vertical layout of the interior. The large view of the porthole faces north towards Prague. Roof lights situated above the dining and coffee tables deliver light to the living area from the southern side. White surfaces with an oak floor were preserved in the old section of the attic. The new facia is constructed of OSB slabs and covered with titanium and sheet metal on the outside. Newly introduced elements, such as the bathroom, toilet, kitchen and some furniture are distinguished from the original space by their colour.

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  • Aoki

    Hi the name of the architects isn´t Sepka Architekti (Jan Sepka is only one of three partners), the right architect name for this project and also for Vila Hermina you posted few days ago would be HŠH architekti –

  • galaxian

    Too bad, poor old house :(

  • Gallego

    what’s wrong with architecture these days? when did chipboard become the new marble?? it’s a cowshed material, come on!

  • c franklin

    This renovation project is no better than the frosted pink house posted before the holidays. Wondering just who sets the standards for posting at Arch Daily — or is this self-policing…?

  • Aoki

    I like both projects, both are low cost projects, u should know more about the posts before you tell how bad any projects are, dont like people just watch few pics and say “oh what a crap”, you guys are so shallow.

  • Matt

    When I first saw the exterior image I immediately thought, “cliched…”, but upon further review the main living space is actually quite WARM AND

  • ScottinNYC

    Having long experience with OSB I can say that it’s not the cost of the material but the quality of the craftsman and from the photos it looks like the build is well done. OSB was a “green” material long before green was big. Sturdy, durable, warm and a visual texture that complements wood floors, carpet, drywall, etc. Don’t agree with all the details here (wow that bathroom is green) but a beautiful project. Well done!