Zense Restaurant / Department of Architecture

© Wison Tungthunya

Architect: Co., Ltd.
Location: Bangkok,
Owner: ZEN Department Store Co., Ltd.
Project team: Amata Luphaiboon, Twitee Vajrabhaya, Prow Puttorngul, Chanon Petchsangngam, Sasicholwaree Sawatdisawanee, Wipavee Kueasirikul
Landscape Architect: TROP Co., Ltd.
Lighting Designer: ACCENT Studio
Contractor: Great Furnic Co.,Ltd.
Project Area: 2,000 sqm + 1,000 sqm exterior
Project year: 2008
Photographer: Wison Tungthunya

floor plan

As a part of ‘Zen’, Bangkok’s trend-setting department store, Zense Restaurant possesses a unique design approach by fusing together four design disciplines: fashion design, interior design, landscape architecture and architecture. The project introduces the dynamic world of fashion in the static domain of architecture; combining aesthetic of pleating fabric with architectural elements and function, and simultaneously, illustrates the essence of landscape architecture into interior space.

The restaurant is comprised of four zones: elevator lobby, vestibule, indoor and outdoor dining area:

© Wison Tungthunya

1. Elevator Lobby

As a part of multi-disciplinary approach, installation art was also introduced into the design; this three-dimensional work is designed specifically to engage with viewer’s sensory experience. This intervention is an example of an attempt to bring art installation into practicality and permanence.

© Wison Tungthunya

2. Vestibule

Restaurant’s vestibule is highly inspired by fashion design concept of pleating fabric. The vestibule is constructed with vertical pleated steel wall that serves as a transition space between elevator lobby and dining area.

© Wison Tungthunya

3. Indoor Dining Area

To highlight the interface between fashion and architecture, concept of fashion show was introduced in the restaurant’s floor plan. Inspired by fashion runway, circulation of the restaurant not only emphasizes an idea of “To Be Seen”, but also creates spatial quality of blurring boundary between interior and exterior space. Inside the restaurant, customers will discover variety of pleating elements including pleating stairs and railing, pleating seating, and performing stage.

© Wison Tungthunya

4. Outdoor Dining Area

The project takes full advantage of its downtown location by introducing outdoor dining experience; allowing restaurant patrons to enjoy ever-changing scenery of the city. Lighting design of this area represents liveliness of the city and simultaneously emphasizes an idea of pleating fabric. Stairs lighting, for example, does not only lighten the atmosphere, but also highlights a transformation of a floor layer, from pleating floor to an outdoor bar.

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  • jason

    so judging from these images the project is all about stairs?

  • norbert

    Another great work form this Thai architects! Bravo.
    Hope the food is as good as its bold design.

  • http://www.falconlara.net oscar falcón lara

    Brilliant!, although a bit of color would have been a nice thing, it’s quite formal and intricate.

  • http://twitter.com/tssveloso/status/7479439155 Tiago

    #Design de #restaurante – Zense Restaurant / Department of Architecture http://ow.ly/SGZn #food #architecture

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  • http://twitter.com/ykcaj112/status/8336194956 Jacky
  • al_Khemist

    Unfortunately, seems like this amazing restaurant will be taken down as a result of the riot in May.. T_T

  • http://thesuiteworld.com/blog/ Angela

    the architecture looks very nice, I would love to see it with my own eyes :)

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