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  7. Pier House / Gabriel Grinspum + Mariana Simas

Pier House / Gabriel Grinspum + Mariana Simas

  • 01:00 - 23 December, 2009
Pier House / Gabriel Grinspum + Mariana Simas
Pier House / Gabriel Grinspum + Mariana Simas, © Pedro Vannucchi
© Pedro Vannucchi

© Pedro Vannucchi © Pedro Vannucchi © Pedro Vannucchi © Pedro Vannucchi +30

  • Constructor

    Luciênio Costa
  • Modelling

    Fabio Pileckas Gionco
  • Trainee

    Isabel Sperry
  • More SpecsLess Specs
© Pedro Vannucchi
© Pedro Vannucchi

From the architect. The “pier house” was built to house a sailboat during the week and its owners during the weekends. The alternate usage was suggested by the clients, a young couple from São Paulo.

Planta 1
Planta 1

Vista Frontal Detalhes Planta 2 Vista Lateral +30

The proposal was to divide the house in two volumes. The first one is a solid box covered with whitewash, and its “muxarabi” windows filter the light and allow permanent ventilation. It is the result of the region’s typical construction method, a legacy from colonial times.

© Pedro Vannucchi
© Pedro Vannucchi

The second one was constructed with metal tile and pre-fabricated wood structure. This building has profited from the construction’s industrialization in order to dispense the building site and thus avoid the environmental impact.


The house situation in the site has been defined by two premises: the need for proximity to water in order to the boat to enter and preserve the dense vegetation of rainforest. The site is in the Saco do Mamanguá, RJ, a tropical fjord accessible only by boat without power, the very archetype of lost paradise. In this context, the house is pier together the idea of the "noble savage" with modern "eulogy of the machine".

© Pedro Vannucchi
© Pedro Vannucchi

Like a sailboat, poetic symbol of harmony between nature and human condition and, currently, subject of an ultra-sophisticated and green design, the pier house is the house of the “natural man” that makes use of sustainable benefits of technological advance.

© Pedro Vannucchi
© Pedro Vannucchi
Cite: "Pier House / Gabriel Grinspum + Mariana Simas" 23 Dec 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed . <>
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shipspassing · July 11, 2016

How bizarre, they show you nothing of the main house.

kate kate · September 14, 2012

Cool,Love it

Nick Allen · April 26, 2012

#Architecture Escape: Pier House / Gabriel Grinspum + Mariana Simas cc @studioardesign @kodissimo

Gabriel Schneider · March 09, 2011
Kurniawan Agung · January 20, 2011

Pier House / Gabriel Grinspum + Mariana Simas | ArchDaily via @archdaily

Luiz Dumont · May 25, 2010

Reading: "Pier House / Gabriel Grinspum + Mariana Simas | ArchDaily"( )

Spaceman · March 07, 2010

Great project!!!Really cool... I Like it.

João · February 09, 2010

Love it ;)

Prashant Thakur · December 25, 2009

RT @nicholaspatten: I&#39d Live Here: Pier House.

goodgrace · December 25, 2009

RT @archdaily: Pier House / Gabriel Grinspum + Mariana Simas

Kevin · November 17, 2012 12:38 PM

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Gabriel Schneider · December 25, 2009 até que tem bastante arquiteto brasileiro saindo no archidaily õ.o

rypat · December 24, 2009

i love the dead simple forms.
and there's a nice subtlety about the distinct transition from a mainly vertical, arboreal space to the horizontally focused waterfront room.

ben barren · December 24, 2009 not a bad place to spend xmas in brazil in the Pier House / Gabriel Grinspum + Mariana Simas

Max® · December 24, 2009

Headed to the airport in a few hours. Wish I was here (Pier House, Brazil)

Formula · December 24, 2009

Another imaginary vacation i hope to take....

gbh · December 24, 2009

Pier House / Gabriel Grinspum + Mariana Simas: © Pedro VannucchiArchitects: Gabriel Grinspum + Mariana Simas Lo..

luiz florence · December 24, 2009

parabéns, gabi, mari. quero visitar qualquer dia desses!

Jeison · December 24, 2009

So simple, so neat and calm...Congratulations.


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