School of Architecture for the Chinese University of Hong Kong / Ida and Billy


Architecture students attending the Chinese University of will enjoy the spatial variety and openness of Ida and Billy’s New School of Architecture situated on the edge of the campus.  The form, a diagonal shape which is pierced to preserve views of the sky, has large openings to capture the campus’ topology and views of Tolo Harbor, “giving an infinite boundary to architectural thinking and design.”

More images and more about the school after the break.billy06

The open spaces of school, such as the large public gallery space near the entry, provide ample room to display students’ work and hold large critique discussions.  Large pivot joint metal blackboards double as partitioning doors to include or exclude the corridor spaces as desired.  The gallery can even be extended into the gallery path and the external
timber deck in the woods.


Studios and office centers are organized around an upper internal lawn with hanging ivy, while additional informal green learning areas weave in and out of the upper level rooms.


The form’s diagonal mass creates a breezeway through the building, enabling cross ventilation for and penetration of natural light to all levels. Metal grill panels of varying degrees of openings complete the concrete facade, while enabling light and air to enter.




All images courtesy of Architects.

Cite: Cilento, Karen. "School of Architecture for the Chinese University of Hong Kong / Ida and Billy" 21 Dec 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 23 Sep 2014. <>


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    Well I think it’s super. The drawings looks like it would foster a real community feeling amoung the students. It’s pretty spatially exciting as well.

    I don’t know why you might think it banal, unless you are only find parametric things acceptible.

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    i agree with deez–the images need some more color and the multiple transparency trick is distracting some views.
    the wood clad “porch” at the entry will be a great public space though and the big outdoor atrium in the section will make this a nice place to work.

    i wonder what the views from the building to the remainder of the campus are?

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    This is an architectural school, there for, conceptual layout render is fully justified. It’s for architects, not regular observer!

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