Chedraui Santa Fe / Rojkind Arquitectos

  • 27 Sep 2013
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© , render by Glessner Group

Supermarket stores have become the last link in the linear and out of consumer sight “farm to fork” chain. For the new Chedraui Supermarket Store in Santa Fe, City, Rojkind Arquitectos proposes that folding the chain onto itself and bringing it into view becomes an opportunity for interactive and educational programs, connection to local markets and a place for community. The proposal comes in response to the company’s desire to launch itself into a new direction offering something more that just groceries and goods; it tries to position the brand in a new market segment not considered to date, to help establish the new sustainable direction the company is trying to achieve and to offer a unique experience to it’s consumers while giving a public space back to the city.

© Rojkind Arquitectos, render by Glessner Group

The new store occupies the footprint of an existing cinema directly adjacent to the Santa Fe Shopping Mall. Besides the store and new rooftop-parking garage for 250 cars, there is a 3,128m2 orchard on the terrace level that customers can access directly from the store to learn about organic farming and select their fresh produce for purchase. On that same level an area is provided where a weekly market comprised of local farmers and producers can sell their goods adding to the diversity of products traditionally offered by the supermarket. This orchard can also be used by the nearby office workers and neighborhood residents as a place of “refuge” from the car driven development of Santa Fe which lacks public spaces and parks.

© Rojkind Arquitectos

The facade is composed of 531 GFRC (fiber glass reinforced concrete panels) which give the store its very dynamic signature in direct contrast to the typical “ retail boxes” which have sprung in the neighborhood. Four large tensile structures shelter the parking area and pathways to the orchard from the intense sun and become an iconic landmark for the area as they glow at night.

© Rojkind Arquitectos

Architects: Rojkind Arquitectos
Location: Lomas de Santa Fe, Cuajimalpa, Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico
Architect In Charge: Michel Rojkind
Partner: Gerardo Salinas
Design Team: Arie de Jongh, Rodrigo Medina, Victor Mtz., Juan Carlos Sainz, Adrián Aguilar, Alfredo Hernandez, Carlos Campos, Gerardo Villanueva, Karina Amparán, Isaac Smeke, Andrea León, Beatriz Zavala, Carla Castañeda, Rodrigo Flores, Nadezda Stankovic, Elizabeth Galvez, Jesus Guerra, Cristina Keller (Strategy), Rosalba Rojas (Marketing)
Area: 8800.0 sqm
Year: 2011
Photographs: Rojkind Arquitectos, render by Glessner Group, Rojkind Arquitectos

© Rojkind Arquitectos

Structural Engineer: CE Ingeniería Civil
Facade Engineer: Studio NYL
Design Computational Consultant: Kokkugia
Tensile Fabric Structure: Lonas Lorenzo
Facade Installation: Núcleos Integrales
Interiors: PDT
Landscape Consultant: Tecnología Elipse
Lighting Consultant: Luz en Arquitectura

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  • tetra

    Ugliest project in the world.

  • reengo

    Buenisima la calidad y el nivel de dibujo, increible el estudio de la forma del edifcio, pero el resultado es mediocre, la falta de un estudio de carácter urbano se lee a distancia, ese estacionamiento al frente debió ser subterráneo, necesita una gran plazoleta al frente con comercio de baja escala y esas velarias debieron celebrar algo mas importante que otro estacionamiento… un gran monumento al auto.

  • Ben

    The drawings are really nice and well studied. The project looks awful though.

  • Anonymous

    looks like peyote

  • Arq.Gloria

    Realmente lo interesante es como las estructuras tensadas comienzan a fusionarse y sustitur las formas estructurales tradicionales en México, son formas organicas que la cultura las califica determinadamente para bien o para mal; sin puntos medios. Se entienden mas facilmente desde el punto de vista artistico/escultorico, casi atemporal.