Church(ita) / Supersudaka


Architects: Supersudaka / Juan Pablo Corvalán & Gabriel Vergara
Location: Villa la Paz, Talca,
Collaborators: Pablo Sepúlveda, Jaime Pavez
Mosaic: Simón Fuentes / Simbiotika
Engineers: Cesar Moreira / Sigma Ingenieros
Project Area: 200 sqm
Budget: US $64,700
Project Year: 2006–2009

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Next to one of the city of Talca’s harshest ghettos –Villa Las Americas- this Church in Villa la Paz serves not only as a place for religious cult, but it also embraces a social agenda in terms of a community program.

Because of the budget being extremely low only the Chapel could be built. Consequently its configuration is crucial to maintain and promote the social complementary program such as communal meeting rooms and small library.

floor plan
floor plan

As the neighborhood originates from an informal settlement, the site geometry results from an addition of irregular parts, like a fractal sequence. This reigning geometry is used to insert the small chapel by the torsion of a regular cubic volume avoiding front and rear facades hierarchies. From this arrangement the actual and upcoming social program in the perimeter is allowed and integrated in a centrifugal courtyard display.


As an optimistic gesture the classical cross plan of a church becomes a star inspired chapel: light in darkness.


The project’s steel and layered panel -very economical- construction system is triangulated to optimize the structure to hover the interior space without columns but also permitting a 15m long opening to the interior courtyard for highly attended festivities such as Christmas.

The technical and spatial qualities are more closer to a covered plaza than an enclosed building.


Since the passing neighbors constantly throw stones, a ceramic-mosaic finish by visual artist Simon Fuentes acts as an easy to repair, cheap, already broken wrapping, which also follows a millenary religious technique. That is Church(ita).

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  • rodolfo

    simple, economic, exelent!

  • Ill

    The position of this volume/shape in its surroundings is remarcable.
    When I saw the interior pics I felt the altar should be on the window side.

  • ygogolak

    “Since the passing neighbors constantly throw stones,…”
    Ha, wish the writeup was more in depth on that.

    • Dustin

      haha I know that made me laugh

  • chenlu98

    Beautiful and Holy

  • enrico

    Looks humble and poor, I appreciate. Nevertheless, from this starting point, I would have preferred an even simplier shape, no need to fuzzy around with these de-structurated shapes.