Geometric Hot Springs / German del Sol

Architects: German del Sol
Location: Villarica National Park, Villarica,
Project team: José Luis Ibañez G., Carlos Venegas, José Instroza
Contractor: José Luis Ibañez G.
Structure: Fernando del Sol V.
Project year: 2002 – 2004
Construction year: 2005
Photographs: Guy Wenborne

One of the best activities to enjoy oneselve’s to be done outdoors all year round is to bath in a hot spring. If summer, situated in the middle of the forest freshness; if it dawns, rains, snows or when the night falls; the Geometric Hot Springs profit from around sixty springs of pure hot thermal water, which alltogether gather 15 litres per second that sprout naturally at 80º C temperature.

It’s located in the middle of native forests of the Villarrica National Park, in the 13,5 km of the road that crosses the Park between Coñaripe and Pucón.

To bath with pleasure, in the midst of nature, 17 pools were carved along 450 meters, with red wooden paths and ramp without steps that drive the visitors into the pools and lets them walk through the project to pick a pool to bath in. Thanks to the candlelight, you won’t trip. Neither would you slip on ice or snow because the path is heated with the thermal water that runs under it before being distributed to the pools.

There is a “quincho” (meeting place) built up of pure native assembled (not nailed) , which invites to sit and chat after bathing. It’s a covered and warm space around an open fire.

This experience gets to its splendour, maybe because its architecture is precise and clean, it lets to leave our worries and enjoy the pleasure of the bath or observe nature.

The geometry highlights the natural and separes it from the built.
This arqchitecture distingushes the place and makes it irreplaceable.

Cite: "Geometric Hot Springs / German del Sol" 10 Aug 2008. ArchDaily. Accessed 29 May 2015. <>
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  • Willian Avelino Ibanez Bustos

    Me pregunto que es José Luis Ibanes?
    Porque creo que es un pariente que he de contacto.
    Obrigato de atención

  • Willian Avelino Ibanez Bustos

    Who is Jose Luiz Ibanez?
    Because I think he is a relative by which need to contact.

    Thank you for your attention

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  • Jose Luis Ibanez

    Hello my friend,
    I am Jose L Ibanez, a chilean architect and now working in San Francisco, USA. I used to worked with German del Sol for five years. In this project I´m not only worked as a design architect also I was the constructor and I lived in the place for two years.
    Nice to meet you,

    • Jessica Lynch

      Hello Mr. Ibañez. My name is Jessica Lynch. I currently reside in Chile with my husband who is an architect as well. I was hoping you could guide me a bit. We are planning on moving to the states within the next couple of years and we are looking for information on how he could work in the states. Obviously, he will be a legal resident when we arrive. Any information would help us.

      Thank you very much. My email is

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  • Willian Avelino Ibanez Bustos

    Hello jose luis
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    he is your uncle
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    My pleasure

    William Souza Ibanez
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