AR Emerging Awards 2009: The winners

Bridge School / Li Xiaodong Atelier © Li Xiaodong
Bridge School / Li Xiaodong Atelier © Li Xiaodong

The AR Emerging Awards have awarded the most promising young practices from around the world. Previous versions of this award confirms it: Sou Fujimoto, Miro Rivera, Plot (BIG), Pezo von Elrrichshausen and more, as you can see on our coverage last year.

These year, 4 projects were awarded:

  • Bridge School, Xiashi, China by Li Xiaodong Atelier
  • Knocktopher Friary, Knocktopher, Ireland by ODOS Architects (see more projects from ODOS Architects on ArchDaily)
  • Curtain Door, Surat, India by Matharoo Associates
  • Sports Research Centre, Guijo de Granadilla, Spain by Jose Maria Sanchez Garcia

The selection this year was very good… and it even included a door.

As for my favorite, I still can’t decide between the school and the sports center. Both show a new arrangement of the program, and affect the landscape in different scales.

Which one is your favorite, and why?

After the break, more photos and info about the awarded projects presented at Architectural Review:

Bridge School / Li Xiaodong Atelier

© Li Xiaodong
© Li Xiaodong

© Li Xiaodong © Li Xiaodong © Li Xiaodong © Li Xiaodong

Architects Li Xiaodong Atelier
Location Xiashi, Fujian Province, China
Type of project School
Project architects Chen Jiansheng, Li Ye, Wang Chuan, Liang Qiong, Liu Mengjia, Nie Junqui
Building contractors Zhangzhou Steel, Xiashi village
Photography credits Li Xiaodong

Knocktopher Friary / ODOS Architects

© Ros Kavanagh
© Ros Kavanagh

© Ros Kavanagh © Ros Kavanagh © Ros Kavanagh © Ros Kavanagh © Ros Kavanagh © Ros Kavanagh

Architect ODOS Architects
Associate architect O’Shea Design Partnership
Location Knocktopher, County Kilkenny, Ireland
Building type Friary
Photography credits Ros Kavanagh

Curtain Door / Matharoo Associates

© Dinesh Mehta
© Dinesh Mehta

© Dinesh Mehta © Dinesh Mehta © Dinesh Mehta

Architects Matharoo Associates
Location Surat, India
Type of project Residentual Doorway
Project architects Gurjit Singh Matharoo, MC Gajjar, Chandan Suravarapu, Dilip Revar, Harita Salvi
Door contractors DP Traders
Photography credits Dinesh Mehta

Sports Research Centre / Jose Maria Sanchez Garcia


01_center-for-technical-development 03_center-for-technical-development

Architect Jose Maria Sanchez Garcia
Project Team Enrique Garcia-Margallo Solo de Zaldivar, Rafael Fernandez Caparros, Maribel Torres Gomez, Laura Rojo Valdivielso, Francisco Sanchez Garcia, Jose Garcia Margallo, Marta Cabezon, Mafalda Ambrosio, Carmen Leticia Huerta
Location Guijo de Granadilla, Caceres, Spain
Building type Research centre
Photography credits Pablo Calzado  & Jose Maria Sanchez Garcia

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  • sullka

    That’s a stunning door!

  • jqt

    that door is terrific. i would love to know how the body responds to operating it. really cool.

  • Jan

    Probably the most beautiful door ever seen! It looks a bit heavy to operate, but who gives a damn when it looks like that? I usually say that good design has to be functional, but in this matter one has to applaude anyways.

  • Jonjon

    Probably the most sensitive project I’ve ever seen!

  • Dashen

    I’d ever been to the place of bridge school many times. And the way of constructure by using steel, wood and concrete is also very common in China. But the picture still suprised me a lot. The new and old (world heritage) seems really coordinated.