Why Are So Many Women Leaving Architecture?

Lens House, London / Alison Brooks Architects © Paul Riddle

Despite a rise in female architecture students, the amount of women in architecture continues drop in the UK. Though this is not the case in many parts of the world – as female architects reportedly outnumber the men in South America - the UK has yet to find a solution to equalize the numbers for professional women in architecture. Jane Duncan, founder of and equality and diversity champion, weighs in the issue by asking “Why are so many women leaving architecture, and how can we buck the trend?” here on The Guardian.

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  • TC

    There were several studios I was in during arch school where women disportionately outnumbered men, like a 15:4 ratio. It’s obvious most schools already accept more females than males. Are you now suggesting employers start hiring more women even if they may not be as qualified as a male applicant? It’s a very demanding industry that weeds out people who are not truly dedicated. Unfortunately, women are often the first ones to go. It’s the nature of the business and trying to punish the opposite sex for this reeks of affirmative action. Advancement in this industry should always be a result of merit and nothing else.