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Arch Group shared their innovative design with us.  Intended to provide a comfortable night sleep, the mobile 3.75 m2 unit can be located anywhere people need a place to rest or relax such as airports, train stations, shopping centers, or even in the middle of the streets. “We believe that urban infrastructure should be more comfortable for people,” explained the architects.  Rented for between fifteen minutes and several hours, the provides moments of quiet sleep and rest from the city as clients can rest on foamed polymer beds, which are equipped with an automatic system that changes bed linen once the client leaves. But a bed is not the only accommodation the provides.  The unit is also equipped with a ventilation system, sound alerts, built-in LCD TV, WiFi, sockets for a laptop, charging phones and space for luggage.   After clients feel refreshed and leave the unit, the automatic change of bed linen starts and the quartz lamps turn on.   Clients can pay for the time spent in the unit at a shared terminal, which provides the client with an electronic key.

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Area: 3.75 m2
architects: Goryainov A., Krymov M.
Design: 2009












Cite: Cilento, Karen. "SLEEPBOX / Arch Group" 13 Nov 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 22 Aug 2014. <>


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    we need those ones on our faculty :)
    you get to sleep and there’s still room for your laptop – perfect!

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    Somebody should design something for the homeless people who sleep in the streets.
    This project could be just a beginning LOL :)

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      Would you live in it?

      There are more angles to homelessness then an expensive curved pod.

      Nice design but not practical.. especially for homeless people.

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    at first glance, I think these would be much more effective if the door were switched to the short axis so that the units could be arranged in a row. more efficient use of space.
    would also give you the option of creating a double unit for use by couples or families.
    I also like the idea of developing these for homeless shelters.

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    good idea, why not something like this for exterior.Like a minihotel and you pay like in those machines that expend candies.Sleeping at some park, just one night, or some hours and the continue.

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    I think a wc is missing. I rally mean it: What if I want to sleep for some hours, and I take off my pants to sleep comfortable, and after an hour I have to relieve myself? I have to walk through a completely unknown railway station to find a toilet?

    But the design is not bad. ;)

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      they could create like a “bathroombox” with showers and toilet bowls. And organize some sleepbox aroud it.

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        Well Harry its for resting, train stations, airports, w/e name it, public places DO have bathrooms so putting a toilet inside will be a waste of space and money. You also did not understand the concept, its for a little rest, do not pretend this will become your hotel, some flights have 1 hour or 2 hour wait time between stops, its designed for the user to take a little break while doing some activity or while waiting at some spot.

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    Just perfect. I have wanted something like this so many times on long stop-overs. Would’ve been great for us who don’t travel with a golden award card with lounge access and such.

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      Have u been on a trip? don’t u ever have needes just a couple of hours to get rest and go on? I guess there’s a lot of people who would love one of this in a long trip.

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        Totally agree, this modules should be used on public transport places such as airports and train stations. Rest of the places would be trivial but indeed can still be put into a good use.

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    Washroom missing ( toilet, sink) ! – not anly bed needs a change what about entire flush of the area ?

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    really really good invention.
    These day in the airports, even in development country like Australia, does not provide convenient places for 4 – 5 hours transition flight waiting. I can’t forget how all of us slept on hard chair and some on the floor (because thats the only thing that we can do as they closed the shop lots and its 2am in the morning).

    What an invention! keep it up!

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    i dont think you need a toilet, you can use public toilet of the airport or train station if the main aim is to placed in those places. but yeah, HR is right, is that thing going to flush the whole area?

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      I agree with you, public toilets have a reason to be there, would be useless to have a toilet inside, waste of money.

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      There should be not toilet present inside these boxes. This is going to come up in a public space. Use the public toilets when necessary. More over this is not your Hide box. This is just a rest box.
      Excellent design, and great innovation. If i were to provide marks, I would give 10 of 10 for the concept.
      The design is also very good. I would rather stay away from rating it. I am not enough to rate that aspect.
      Keep up the good work

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    Lovely innovation , I’m just wondering , is it only an idea or this thing is under production ? if YES can anyone tell me where to find it ?

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    Good idea or not, I don’t think the general American public is responsible or respectful enough to utilize something like this effectively. It would become a hygiene nightmare… maybe in Japan or areas with a similar culture.

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    Its misguided; designed for people who don’t NEED a place to sleep and probably wouldn’t use it. Meanwhile there’s thousands of people on the streets who would use it because they NEED a place to sleep.

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      It’s not misguided, many people here have shown they would use, especially in trips where you have to spend hours between one transportation and another. It will probably not be affordable enough for people who need a place to sleep every night, and if it is, many of them won’t use it because of psychological issues.

      Not trying to diminish the problem of the people who live on the streets. There are a few projects of temporary, affordable or transportable housing out there (and of course we can always use some more), but the issue with them is not simply that they don’t have where to sleep, or live. A temporary sleeping place might solve a problem for a night or a few, but do you want these people to spend every night of theirs in a box? There’s social problems that need to be solved, psychological issues (I once met a graduated engineer that just didn’t stand the thought of going home and refused any help from his family, to mention an extreme), economical problems… This design is very good, it is simply dealing with another situation than what you have in mind.

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    I have the feeling the architect will probably underestimate how nasty these boxes can get after people used them. Would make more sense in the future if we can carry one of these everywhere with us for personal use though.

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    I like the general design, though I would always put it near a bathroom. Installing a bathroom inside would make it clumsier and less flexible due to size, but perhaps it could be an alternative for units to be placed in areas without those facilities readily available.

    Being a paid service, I assume there would be someone to clean it up once or twice a day, and a good implementation would be to have a button for the guests to press, when they leave, saying if it is dirty or clean. The button would be an indicative for people willing to rent it, and could be linked to a network for the managing company to send an employee for examination. The automatically changing linen is very good, for the frequency of the cleaning can be lower, but changing the linen couldn’t.

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    this would be great for my university, they should place them in the university’s “plaza”. Then, you could wait for the correction of your projects sleeping haha

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    i spend a rough night at stanstead airport and i thoght that a box like this would be a nice thing…now i cant believe that somebody is actually trying to create such thing!!!!!

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    Fantastic idea. I travel around the world a few times each year and those short stopovers can be a killer. These are the perfect solution at airports where there aren’t mini hotels like those ones in Singapore.

    No toilet will dramatically reduce the cost, filthiness and resources to operate these things. If there were two beds they’d become home to whores and stained with ‘bad stuff.’

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    Excellente idée!
    A proposer d’urgence dans les aéroports, gares, etc… Essayer donc de passer une nuit à l’Aéroport d’Athènes par exemple, et vous comprendrez mon engouement.
    Merci Arch Group.

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    I remember a proyect for a wolswagen beetlee , cars hanging parked on a building . similar to monsters ink this boxes …reduce the act of rest a ” parking and rest ” …..
    how we go to the bathroom ? and a flys a wind nights ? .

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