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  7. Hairstyle Interface / x Architekten

Hairstyle Interface / x Architekten

  • 01:00 - 14 November, 2009
Hairstyle Interface / x Architekten
Hairstyle Interface / x Architekten, © David Schreyer
© David Schreyer

© David Schreyer © David Schreyer © David Schreyer © David Schreyer +11

  • Architects

  • Location

    Steingasse, Linz, Austria
  • Architects

    x Architekten
  • Partners

    David Birgmann, Bettina Brunner, Rainer Kasik, Max Nirnberger, Lorenz Prommegger
  • Collaborator

    Anna Moser
  • Client

    Salon Mittermeier
  • Project Year

  • Photographs

From the architect. For the redevelopment of the façade of the Hair Couture Salon, which is situated in a quiet side street near the busy shopping axes of the city, the function of the hairdresser’s was to be transferred to the exterior to attract attention.

© David Schreyer
© David Schreyer

The entire façade now acts as an effective store sign through a three-dimensional architectural (hair) wave which runs along the exterior. At the same time, this dynamic design fulfils another important function: vertically, it runs like a curtain over the glazed façade, offers a degree of privacy, and thus supports the atmosphere and the character of the salon.

© David Schreyer
© David Schreyer

By looking different from each viewpoint in the street, the three-dimensional (hair) wave proves attractive to passers-by. The appearance of the flowing hair as well as the above inscription, were incorporated into the façade in a way that maintains the relationship with the building’s axes. In this way it harmonises extremely well with the generally uniform environment.

Laminated sheets, arranged vertically with varied spacing and at a right angle to the façade, were used as the material for the (hair) wave. The shapes of the individual sheets were created by a 3D construction process. The shapes were formed using a waterjet cutter. The context of the implementation also includes the colours of the laminated sheets; a golden shade literally swaying between blond and brunette. An integrated handrail in the entrance of the façade demonstrates that despite attaching importance to the basic concept, the function has always been taken into account.

Location to be used only as a reference. It could indicate city/country but not exact address. Cite: "Hairstyle Interface / x Architekten" 14 Nov 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed . <>
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Wai Lui · April 19, 2012

Check out this unique store front -> Hairstyle Interface / x Architekten | ArchDaily via @archdaily

simon maurice · April 16, 2012

wasting plywood is soooooo IN right now

Gosia Kung · April 12, 2012
Anna Guiu · April 12, 2012

Simple and effective!! but I really want to change the colour!! via @archdaily

waitingkate · October 14, 2011

Hairstyle Interface / x Architekten | ArchDaily ? ??????? @archdaily

Spacer Nix · April 22, 2011

This project is to architecture as a bumper sticker is to automotive engineering.

alex raynes-goldie · November 22, 2010

Hairstyle Interface / x Architekten - a new facade that harmonizes with the old #adaptive #reuse

alex raynes-goldie · November 22, 2010

Hairstyle Interface / x Architekten - a new facade that harmonizes with the old #reuse

Matt · December 04, 2009

Sure it's a bit played out. We've all seen this sort of thing for 10 years now. But I have to disagree with those who say it is not contextual. You look at the surrounding buildings. It is a mixed commercial/residential street. The buildings however are mostly closed at street level and the doors are mere apertures. This project relates very well to that typology - playing off the mostly closed nature and treating the doorway as a true portal. Bravo for mixing the new with the old.

plots · November 22, 2009


sure, budget is always a concern, when isn't budget a concern? Just because it may have had a tight budget doesn't excuse it from being poorly executed. I'm getting increasingly tired of mediocre work being excused by the excuse of money. If money is tight be more creative.

Furthermore the excuse that it's probably more interesting than what was there before is also played out and still just an excuse. Is it better than what was there before? Maybe. Is it good? No.

This is one solution to a problem, there were innumerable other possibilities, many were probably much worse and some much better. Irrespective I have no intention of lauding subpar work just because it met the budget and is, maybe, better than the existing facade.

mach5beez · November 16, 2009


bshi · November 16, 2009

random sculptural representation of "hair"
the form does not look aesthetically pleasing nor it connects to the surrounding
the photograph is terrible. they are all from the same angle looking diagonally towards the shop. there is no interior shot towards the facade becuase they know that it looks terrible.
wow. this is sad.

jw · November 15, 2009

i would really like to see a photograph of this facade shot from the interior...
just to see how it affects the street view and lighting.

eazup · November 15, 2009

this is so bad. zero indication of having paid any attention to the site. the hair wave is contrived and to add insult to injury is poorly executed.

RAJ VASWANI. · November 15, 2009


fokt · November 15, 2009

I don't know. It looks cool, and I suppose it's a big bang for the buck since it's very simple to create, but I've seen this type of thing all over the place. Here is a good example:

aufi · November 15, 2009

if the client want something that is abit different from other shoplots, it would be a nice and effective way to attract customers. but from the exploration pov, i think a more explorative way could be much more nicer, there could be a thousand more way to get a great facade for this saloon

arc · November 14, 2009

first impression was WOW. very effective. simple, not expensive but great. but it somehow closes the space and from some angles looks old fashion, mabye different choice of colour would make it better

christopher · November 14, 2009

less successful as representing 'hair' but elegant for blobitecture when much of that typology is not. skip the "we are trying to be a duck" and let the thing be the thing.

also, where's the process? image "the wave" is a lame screenshot that any second year could make. who made this and how?

plots · November 15, 2009 02:12 AM

whoever made it did it in rhino in 5 minutes tops, loft a couple lines, contour them, produce it. I'm sorry, but this is terrible, no resolution at the edge, no real reference to," hair," as they claim, the lighting scheme is ineffective, and the integrated handrail has no relationship to the facade at all. Typical case of spending a minute amount of time thinking about design and selling an object to a client that doesn't know any better.

Kenny Isidoro · November 14, 2009

So simple and so effective. Although it's an organic form, it's actually very contextual, connecting the heads of the adjacent buildings, and keeping with the neutral color. Very nice.

Wuxus · November 14, 2009

I really like that faÇade

Heleno Suassuna · November 14, 2009

The façade's proposal is very pleasant of being appreciated. Smart solution without intervening to original architecture of neighbourhood. Greetings from Brazil!


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