Updated Images Released for Mirvish+Gehry Toronto

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David Mirvish, founder of Mirvish Productions, and Toronto-born starchitect Frank Gehry have released updated models of their massive, mixed-used project planned to transform ’s downtown arts and entertainment district. The Mirvish+Gehry vision will include a triad of residential towers perched on top a six-story, wooden podium inspired by the site’s industrial past and covered in a ‘cloud-like’ sculptural skin.

The towers, rising over 80 stories each, will house condos, a new OCADU campus, and a gallery space to house the Mirvish’s collection of modern art.

More renderings after the break…

© Gehry Partners LLP
© Gehry Partners LLP

Follow this link to learn more about the project.

Cite: Rosenfield, Karissa. "Updated Images Released for Mirvish+Gehry Toronto" 06 Jul 2013. ArchDaily. Accessed 25 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=398833>
  • andrei

    I…I just don’t know what to say.
    Well first of all, I’ve seen it, here in NYC, in the form of his residential tower. A tower which isn’t bad respectively, but this thing…It’s symmetrical! For such a curvalinear asymmetrical guy, the white tower is in the middle and it’s side-cloud attach to the other two towers in a total unbiased way. No hierarchy. but whatever, good for him – he has a niche he makes truckloads of money.

  • Bubble

    In my opinion: lazy, derivative, unoriginal caricature of Gehry’s own style over any kind of substance. At least the NYC tower was somewhat more subdued. If someone wanted to design a mock-Gehry skyscraper, this is what it would look like… At least it seems like other stars actually experiment with form rather than churning out the same ol’ wibbly-wobbly stuff.

  • Hocine Ali Benali

    Fabuleux projet ! Encore une performance de Gehry où comme à son habitude la sculpture se fond dans l’architecture et l’audace dans le poétique. Projet à découvrir, bravo à Frank Gehry
    Hocine Ali Benali architecte

  • Jorge Pedroza

    El señor Henry es uno de esos arquitectos que se forja un estilo particular de diseñar edificios que cualquier persona que conozca un poco de arquitectura puede identificar. En lo personal yo no estoy listo para eso, aun no me gusta, solo puedo rescatar lo estéticamente peculiar y lo atrevido de su estilo. Posdata: Nunca me dispondría a construir un edificio de el si yo fuese ingeniero, imagínate que complejo ha de estar todo.

  • Bubble

    Gehry Earnestly Has Revolutionised, Yes! It’s So Blisteringly Original, Really Interesting, Not Generic!

  • karol

    Mógłbym silić się na konstruktywną krytykę i rygorystycznie cedzić słowa… ale na usta ciśnie mi się jedno, szczere: idź pan w huj z takim gównem!

  • Arturo Vez

    Are those renders? It looks like a model to me.

    • Ben Nicolson


  • Ian Kent

    Why is the question with this design. Why not just take a truckload of $1,000 bills and set it on fire. Maybe it was just a joke they were playing and then someone took it seriously when they found out who designed it. This stuff really pisses me off.

  • Frank

    this is crap. i called it accidential design. looks like he folded his Toilet paper and was like ” oh this look cool asa building facade” .

  • alice

    I don’t like it. Ghery, start being a bit more functional and decent please

  • DeadO

    Not a Ghery fan. Tired of his twists for the sake of twists. But Toronto needs some abnormality to break the gridlock. It might not be a bad thing after all.

  • hotcommodity

    I walk by the street this is proposed on everyday. There are nice historic low rise buildings there that have a thriving cafe/bar scene across from the Bell Lightbox – a great cinema that holds all the film festivals in Toronto. On top of the historic buildings are great rooftop patios. What Gehry is proposing here completely demolishes the historic street frontage, removes the street activity and tries to cover this up by distracting people with showy, unrealistic and uninhabitable towers. I pity the people stupid enough to think this is good architecture or would have any positive effect on the city. Gehry – a message from the discerning people of Toronto: Retire now.

    • RQH

      Get real.

      A developer is going to demolish what is there and build millions of square feet of residential towers to replace it. This is part of your future whether or not it designed by Frank Gehry.

      Your general dislike of Gehry boils down to personal taste.

  • Jess

    I like it much better than his first attempt. Gehry seems to be one of the only “starchitects” that I consitently have enjoyed and his addition to to Art Gallery of Ontari(o blocks away from this proposed site) is well loved by Torontonians. I hope it goes through. Toronto needs something of excitement other than Libeskind’s pitifully unfunctional ROM!

  • JFW

    More is less.

  • D.B.

    Some architectures are meant to be sculptures.
    But in the other way, some sculptures are meant to stay at a little scale.
    This is not called “revolution” but “decadence”.
    Before starting to build such an ambitious tower, anthem to waste and nonsense, start to think about real questions.
    A poem can be as short as a haiku and poetry doesn’t hide only in of folded papers´s cavities.

  • Pierre

    I remember reading, on this very blog, an article stating something to the fact that OMA had ‘Reinvented the traditional Skyscraper’.

    HA! Cantilever Smantilever…

    Take THAT Rem!

  • Peter G

    Oh Frank, please stop making your accidental formalistic buildings! You had your ‘spectacular’ chance in life, now at retirement age why can’t you come back to serious, more timeless structures? We have seen enough Californian fun.

  • Tommy Kim

    This can’t be a rendering because it doesn’t have clear blue skies and happy people, right?