In Progress: Farming Kindergarten / Vo Trong Nghia Architects

© Hiroyuki Oki

Architects: Vo Trong Nghia Architects
Location: Đồng Nai,
Principal Architects: Vo Trong Nghia, Takashi Niwa, Masaaki Iwamoto
Project Team: Tran Thi Hang, Kuniko Onishi
CFD analysis: Environment Simulation Inc.
Area: 3,800 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Hiroyuki Oki

Contractor: Wind and Water House JSC
Client: Pou Chen Vietnam
Site Area: 10,650 sqm


This kindergarten, for 500 pre-school children, is a prototype for sustainable education spaces in tropical climates. The plan was designed for the factory workers children of Pou Chen Vietnam.

© Hiroyuki Oki

The building concept is a “Farming Kindergarten” with a continuous green roof, providing food and agriculture experience to Vietnamese children, as well as a safe outdoor playground. The green roof is a triple-ring-shape drawn with a single stroke, creating three courtyards inside. While these internal courtyards provide safety and comfortable playgrounds for children, the roof makes landing to the courtyards at both sides, allowing children to enter a very special eco-friendly experience when they walk up and go through it. This green roof is designed as a continuous vegetable garden, a place to teach children the importance of agriculture and relationship with nature.

Floor Plans

Architectural and mechanical energy-saving methods are comprehensively applied including but not limited to: green roof, PC-concrete louver for shading, recycle materials, water recycling, solar water heating and so on. These devices are designed visibly for children to play their important role in sustainable education.

© Hiroyuki Oki

The building is now under construction and expected to start its operation in September 2013.

Cite: Saieh, Nico. "In Progress: Farming Kindergarten / Vo Trong Nghia Architects" 01 Jul 2013. ArchDaily. Accessed 20 Sep 2014. <>


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    This make me feel relax and nothing important. congratulation. hope to see when finished

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    It looks very clean and scientific. Love the real trees in the schoolyard, the future garden on the roof, especial the shape of building. Up in the air! Amazing! So excited to see it in real.

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      not a problem, the most important project that Vo Trong Nghia Architects had been done! better than no project..

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    If you know how the sun path and the weather in Vietnam, this is stupid! This will cost a tons of money for maintenance.

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      I agree with you bout the high maintenance. Apparently the people here just can’t accept criticism. If you give a negative comments, even if is true. They will give a thumb down. Loser..

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    Tran Nhat, mình chia sẽ với những đau khổ, đau đớn trong người bạn vì lòng ghen ghét và thái độ phán xét, điều đó làm mất luôn khả năng sáng tạo của bạn, chúc bạn nhanh thoát khỏi những bực mình của bạn và đừng vì những hẹp hòi cá nhân để người ta xem thường người Việt Nam. Mong bạn nhanh hết đau khổ với những dằn vặt hẹp hòi.

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    tropical climate, no winter. school is covered by trees and louver. comfortable, i think, let wait until finish.

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    That la xau ho cho nhung nguoi viet nam o day, tu minh da khong the nao lam noi nhung cong trinh nhu vo trong nghia, cu chay theo nem da, noi xau. Mac du tu ban than minh chua hieu het hoac chua di xem tan mat nhung cong trinh nay. Su ghen ghet, do ky lam cac ban khong the nao lam noi cai gi. Tai sao lai vach ao cho nguoi xem lung, cac ban xem lai nhe. Think differece!

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    võ trọng nghĩa là 1 kts giỏi thành công , nhưng thực sự ko thấy khoái kiểu của ông ta lắm , có cảm giác rất khô cứng , vô hồn không chất lắm

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    Người nước ngoài thì ca ngợi, còn ng VN mình thì ganh ghét đố kị lẫn nhau, cứ có một ngôi sao vừa loe1 lên lập tức bị bầy đàn dìm xuống, giống như vụ flappy bird, thì VN mãi mãi ko thể phát triển dc đâu.

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    I really like vo trong nghia’s work but this project makes no sense. The building footprint alone encroaches nearly a third of the site. A vertical solution would have been better – then farm all you want on the ground like everyone else!

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