BTEK – Technology Interpretation Center / ACXT

  • 01 Nov 2009
  • Cultural Educational Selected Works
© Aitor Ortiz
© Aitor Ortiz

Architects: ACXT
Location: Derio, Bizkaia,
Project Architect: Gonzalo Carro
Collaborators: Carlos Miguel Guimaraes & Javier Pérez Uribarri
Project Development: Gonzalo Carro & ATHOS (Pedro Berroya, Aitziber Goikoetxea)
Structure: Javier Eskubi, Amaia Oyón, Ángel Gómez
Project Area: 2,600 sqm
Design year: 2006–2007
Construction year: 2007–2009
Photographer: Aitor Ortiz

© Aitor Ortiz © Aitor Ortiz © Aitor Ortiz © Aitor Ortiz

BTEK is an interpretation centre for new technologies, aimed at student visitors.

The Centre’s promoter, Parque Tecnológico, S.A., (Technology Park) set out the following as the most important guidelines:

plan -01
plan -01
© Aitor Ortiz
© Aitor Ortiz
  • Create a very flexible and varied exhibition space, able to accommodate all types of exhibitions.
  • Installations should be highly energy efficient (geothermal systems for climate control) and that use renewable energy sources (a building-integrated photovoltaic system connected to a 60kw network).
  • The geometry of the covering where the solar panels are integrated should be triangular—similar to the shape of Technology Park’s logo.
© Aitor Ortiz
© Aitor Ortiz

The site’s location, on one of the highest points of the Vizcaya Technology Park and close to the Bilbao airport’s flight path for takeoffs and landings, helps with the aim of making the building a landmark in its landscape.

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  • shreyank


  • Andrew Geber

    interpretation indeed

  • robert

    ha ha ..I’m working at something similar for a college project, it’s great to see how this kind of buildings looks in real world:)…I think the structure of this one its a little amiguous but overall it’s a nice project

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  • Doud

    love it!.. :)

  • Henry

    amazing, great comment on the landscape, very sculptural

  • the uninformed observer

    God that’s beautiful.

  • azhar

    Fantastic…really cool to see a reality (rather than renderings) well done…it looks somehow done with ease (which is a compliment)

  • GHB

    Amazing, I love the way the interior space feels like you’re in an underground abstracted cavern, weighted and heavy

  • Sun

    nice logic

  • yuliya


  • dearxh

    Nice! However can be better actually.

    • Jason

      Haha, I love this comment.

  • Tim

    Incredible interior spaces! Wow, I would love to experience that building. So vast and bright.

  • frank Wilson

    I am glad to see a new language getting new interpretations. Very representative of space anf time. Unbelievable texture, composition and perspective

  • z99

    the design is executed well, but it’s a bit scary looking

  • temple

    brilllliant!!!! :)

  • Yorik

    Excellent… It makes me think to François Roche, because it tries to make part of the landscape, but with a completely different concept. Great job!

  • M.T.Escalas

    Congratulations! this caid of buidings can change the earth…

  • Jonathan Miller, AIA

    What is so environmentally ‘green’ about cut grass except the color?
    PV is good but there is no mention of daylighting design to reduce artificial lighting loads.
    Nor was there mention of a passive solar approach or of superinsulation.
    This article is mostly eye candy with little understanding of ‘green’.

    Also… is this architecture or is it sculpture?
    To me this is a nice spatial sculpture but not quite architecture.

    • Andrea

      The green is the real green of the nature of our country and is as real as the buildinding and its spaces.

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  • Arquipablo

    reminds me superman II movie….

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  • Saharnaz


  • Luis

    Felicidades por esta magnífica obra y suerte