AD Interviews OMA, BIG on their Miami Showdown

  • 18 Jun 2013
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  • Architecture News

Over the last few months, and BIG have been vying for the opportunity to redevelop the 52-acre site home to the convention center in the heart of Miami Beach. With two award-winning, international firms at the center of the showdown, the media frenzy has been intense and the public’s imagination activated. It only remains to be seen if the results, which promise to be visionary, surpass expectation. With so much on the line, we decided to sit down with both and BIG and discuss how their proposals differ.

For extended coverage of both projects see “BIG Unveils Design for Miami Beach Convention Center” and “OMA Proposes Radical Redevelopment Plan for the Miami Beach Convention Center

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  • horia

    i wonder if art deco vernacular does actually exist – i belive it is superfluously used in the context. even if i don´t know that much about miami, i am not sure that one can easily play with throwing comments like that
    OMA has gone with pretty colorful and catchy-for-everyone visuals but the design expression of their bureau is constantly changing and it is growing without koolhaas who doesn´t personally comment the approach of the project. why is their recent competition entry ( the skyscraper from stockholm ) seem to be powerfull and integrated in the context and also rendered in a different style?

  • Dani

    Thank you Archdaily for these 2 great interviews!!!! As someone living in Miami, having either of these projects will be an incedible addition to the city. Also as someone who studied architecture, this competition shows how much architecture is advancing here. Only a few years having such projects by such big names doing quality work here would not have been thinkable but now Miami is the place to be!!!! Every big architect has a project here and thank god for that!!! Even the local architects are improving!Anyway, good luck to both teams, I have my favorite of course and let’s see in July who will be the winner, besides the city of Miami Beach!!!!

  • Ramon Koolhaas

    Visionary? Unique? Game-changing?

    Honestly, both schemes are deliriously dull and play down to the retread cliches of Miami architecture. Why this is such a big deal is beyond me.

  • Ryan Singer

    Both solutions had much in common. It seems like there’s another solution completely different that could address more of the issues.

    Rather than the hotel being on top, it would get more use with street access and mixed use with restaurants and entertainment. The convention center formed as a bridge would provide protection and the details of the form could pick up on the lightness of Miami’s lifestyle with thin a smooth white curving firm that arches over the area. From the distance it would appear as a large wave breaking which gives reference to the ocean. And to give back to the community a rooftop park with vistas to the ocean would give residents and convention visitors a place to see the city near the sea.

  • chez

    two big names for a big name city, any aspiring designer can either appreciate the work thats required to gain these projects or prove a better solution…

  • chez

    Ingles is a super star

  • Felas

    Fast food architecture… Give it five minutes and it’s tasteless.

  • El Jiji

    I am an OMA fan but there’s a significant difference in the quality of these two interviews, Bjarke is clearly expressing his building’s concept in a more attractive and engaging way.

  • kingb

    PARKING??? I heard nothing about plans for parking from either presenter. This is a critical issue!

  • Ari

    When did Bjarke gain all that weight?

    • Benni

      @Ari, moved to NYC? ;)

  • Stephen

    Both great ideas. But I think BIG’s design speaks more to the essence of Miami, or at least they would have us believe so. The notion of preserving space for future development is honourable. However, this is an opportunity to really create something special for the city so I’m more inclined towards BIG’s square idea. Being encompassed in a Miami styled tropical paradise which really tries to connect with the idea of the long coastal street-scapes is very interesting and exciting to me. Whoever wins, this is a win for Miami and I look forward to eventually visiting the City.

  • Max

    good salesmanship! points hit are bang-on with Miami developers.

  • Luaras

    I think both studios have something special to offer. I am impressed by both projects and while OMA offers an insight in the convention opportunities, BIG focuses a lot more on the landscape opportunities.

    P.s. Anyone else notice that a Beyoncé and Jay-Z go hand-in-hand in the rendering at 03:30 on BIGs project? (Including Marc Anthony) haha – nice little detail there.