Giveaway: Win Living Architectures Books and Films

Thanks to the courtesy of our friends from Beka & Partners, we are giving you the chance to win one of the five DVD-Books of the Living Architectures collection.

” is a series of films that seeks to develop a way of looking at architecture which turns away from the current trend of idealizing the representation of our architectural heritage.

The five DVD-Books are: ‘Inside Piano‘, ‘Gehry’s Vertigo‘, ‘Pomerol, Herzog & de Meuron‘, ‘Koolhaas Houselife‘ and ‘Xmas Meier‘. We will have five winners, each of one will receive one randomly. All you have to do to participate is become a registered user (if you’re not one already) and answer the following question in our comments:

“Which architect would you like to see next in the Living Architectures series and why?”

You have until June 24 to submit your answer. Winners will be announced and contacted during the same day.

For more information about the DVD-Books you can check the trailers after the break, or go to for more details. Good luck!

Living Architectures: Inside Piano

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Living Architectures: Gehry’s Vertigo

Living Architectures: Xmas Meir 

Living Architectures: Pomerol, Herzog & de Meuron

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Living Architectures: Koolhaas Houselife

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  • Pierre

    oscar niemeyer…
    amazing work!!

  • Thierry

    peter zumthor.

    one of the most influential architect on earth, Peter Zumthor’s precision in design and space is purely amazing, which makes the architecture lives through time.

  • Sungwoong son

    ‘Scissoring Siza’ for Alvaro Siza’s work!
    The reasons simple my sir, he’s inspired my architectural mindset in interpreting contemporary architectural value. He’s been and still is the root of contemporary architecture for all architects around the world so that people could still remember the essense of contemporary, and not go too far into over-iconifying their works. May Siza be remembered once more!!


    Jean Nouvel.

  • Kui Xue

    Tod Williams Billie Tsien is on my wishlist.
    Not only because they design many great projects including Folk Art Museum next to MoMA, but also they are very kind and generous people.
    For instance, I was interested in one of their residential project in Arizona, but I was not able to find the plan. I just sent a random email, and they gave me a surprise. Thank you!

  • Alex

    Sou Fujimoto
    Western Architecture is great and all, but experiencing the beautiful and, to our eyes, rather mad houses built in Japanese cities (and rural areas) on a day-to-day basis would be a real eye-opener. It would be great to see if there are any lessons we can apply to our domestic spaces and the theatre of everyday life.

  • Kui Xue

    Tod Williams Billie Tsien

  • felipe

    Sigurd Lewerentz

  • Sara

    Oscar Niemeyer! Although gone, he will go on inspiring not only with his build works but also with his architectural approach to humanity and scale.

  • Tine Daems

    Zaha Hadid. Because she is unique!

  • Sara

    Oscar Niemeyer! He was a great man, who will go on inspiring architects with his radical approaches…

  • Bálint Dőry

    sou fujimoto

  • raphaelle dedourge

    Dominique Perrault pour ses lignes pures et intemporelles

  • Sara

    Oscar Niemeyer! Great inspiring man!

  • Ee Wil Ken

    Peter zumthor

    His architecture transcends the senses and it would be amazing to get to know more in depth of an architect that builds with emotion.

  • Chua YanQin

    Frank Lloyd Wright.

    He was the first architect i had my first project on. His works left a deep impression on me like the famous Falling Water. I would like to know more about his philosophy and his other works, to revive the moments/times that i had an amazing time learning about him.

  • YanQin Chua

    Frank Lloyd Wright

    He was the first architect i learnt and used for my very first project. His works left a deep impression on me, especially the very famous Falling Water. I would very much like to learn more about his philosophy and works, reviving the times when i had quite a good time learning about him.

  • Areta Moco

    Bjarke Ingels, i think he has plenty of new ideas to learn from and analyse!

  • Caitlin Trickett

    Tadao Ando. His architectural style is so compelling and I would love to know more about his work.

  • Andrea Di Nezio

    Rafael Moneo, for his ability in understanding and valuing the context of architecture

  • Areta Moco

    Bjarke Ingels! I guess he has some new ideas to show!

  • Niño Ricardo

    Santiago Calatrava. His career as an artist-architect-engineer is something to be admired of. Only few people take the challenge of balancing art and architecture with engineering. He takes the essence of engineering to a higher level without compromising visual pleasure and harmony on all of his works. He is indeed an important ‘bridge’ in understanding the complexities between art and science.

  • audrey Hitchcock

    Pondering Peter, Zumthor

    He’s inspired, modest and has us all pondering

  • thomas thaler

    alvaro siza

  • Kim Võ

    Zaha Hadid, I want to see how people living within her curvy and pointy buildings

  • thomas thaler

    or eduardo souta de moura, would be nice to see his work

  • David Butterini

    Philip Johnson and his Glass House.

    I think it would be interesting to see how important works architecture transition from original use to tourist site, and how visitors interact with the space as well as how the meaning of the architecture changes. Similar to Koolhaus Houselife, but a different subject matter.



  • Alan

    Kengo Kuma, just so they can be go all out with their puns on the dvd title such as: Kuma’s Krazy Konstructions. (drumrolls!)

  • Rron Tresi

    Tadao Ando!
    even though he uses concrete, his buildings fit perfectly with nature.