R House / Panorama Arquitectos

  • 12 Jun 2013
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© Roland Halbe

Architects: Panorama Arquitectos
Location: Punta Cachagua
Architect In Charge: Constanza Hagemann, Nicolas Valdes
Design Team: Nicolas del Rio, Max Nuñez
Collaborators: Andrea Borraez
Area: 240.0 sqm
Year: 2011
Photographs: Roland Halbe

The project consists of a second house at the coast, at a very exposed terrain, visually and acoustically, since it borders a highway. At the other hand it offers a panoramic view of the ocean.

© Roland Halbe

To give a solution to the problematic of display and minimum intimacy, but without isolating the house to its context, we decided to develop a perimeter wall that surrounds the house almost totaly. This wall comes to replace the division to the neighbor, and together with the house walls they form patios that respond to each room. They replace the view to the highway and isolates the user to it.

© Roland Halbe

At the center we propose a patio from which you access the house. From this patio you can see the ocean, as from inside of the house. Since it’s protected from the wind it offers an alternative terrace from where you can also access the roof terrace by the concrete stair.

© Roland Halbe

The program is ordered in two defined areas that respond to the center patio.

The chosen material for the 3.80 meters height perimeter walls is the brick since it requires minimal maintenance regarding the coast climate, offers structural possibilities and works as a division that permits the entrance of natural light and filter exposure. The result generates a transition between the intimate and the ezposed, the exterior and the interior.

First Floor Plan
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  • Paul

    Beautiful Planning with very crisp contemporary expression of walls. Quite intereseting to see such an intentional contradiction with the surrounding neighbourhood or nature.. Would Love to see more pics of other rooms!

  • Croco Dile

    This is for people who really like geometry…… which is a bit too much in my opinion.
    But at least it’s quality geometry.

  • Andrei P.

    fresh Mediterranean modernism