Støperigaten 25 / Alliance arkitekter


Architect: Alliance arkitekter AS
Location: Stavanger,
Project manager: Harald Martin Gjøvaag
Project team: Kristoffer Johan Gulbrandsen, Tue Kappel, Tonje Løvdahl
Structural Engineering: Procon AS
Client: Svithun Invest AS
Contractor: Genfer Construction AS
Building area: 3,007 sqm
Project Year: 2007
Budget: 4,110,000 Euro
Photographs: Stian Robberstad

SG_01 SG_02 SG_03 SG_06

Støperigaten is a residential apartment building where our aim was to create first rate city dwellings, maximizing qualities such as optimal light conditions, generous ceiling heights, flexibility and common spaces

The project’s design emerges from a creative interpretation of the zoning plan, which opened for the possibility to design all of the apartments as duplexes with a double high living room. The project has been specifically designed to meet the demands for affordable high-quality residential livingspaces. The sizes and lay-outs of the apartments are flexible in order to meet the changing demands of the residents and all units have a section which can easily be sublet.

elevation 01
elevation 01

Roof terraces, wide galleries, play grounds and a passage through the area encapsulates the idea of community. Additionally, there is a common area on the ground floor with an exit to the playground on the north side. The space is intended for the residents to use for events such as meetings, birthday parties and workshops.

The stair cases and the wide galleries on the expressive street façade blur the distinction between public street and building and lead to a roof terrace with spacious common areas. The terrace hovers above the city, offering panoramic views of the ocean. The galleries, all open to the public, are wide enough for the residents to create their private outdoor space adjoining the entrance.


High-density stratified timber panels are used on the northeast façade. The southwest façade relates to the neighboring traditional single family houses with white weatherboards. All units have a balcony or terrace of massive wood facing southwest.

Concrete walls, parquet throughout the apartments, floor-integrated heating elements and high-end railings set an exclusive standard in the interiors. Technical floors allow for maximum flexibility.

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  • Klara Klok

    Fancy enough.. but the surroundings are bad – should be built on another site..

    • Rzepa

      The architect doesn’t choose the site.

  • Rodney

    I rather like the site.
    The surrounding neighborhood has gone through alot of of changes – from former warehouse district to an area of residential and commercial development (which have been done well).

    When I lived in Stavanger, I would bike past this building – I always liked this project.
    This town has some nice architecture, and this firm has done good work.

    Cheers for posting this project!

  • The Big Black & White Zebra

    Looks neat… I like the external vertical circulation – Beaubourg like and the concrete interiors and galleried spaces.

    Not too keen on the studded balustrades, cheap kitchens and most importantly the disconnect between the exterior and interior. The internal pic shows an inconsidered composition of window openings that suit the facade design but not looking to the world outside… missed opportunity.

    Yes, the surroundings look different but wouldn’t it be interesting to frame the kitch normality outside in a decent opening…

  • Mr. Cheap

    This is cheap architecture built well. Too bad there are not more interiour shots from this project, it has cheap AND expensive details, but more importantly the labour required to build theese appartments I suspect is minimal as opposed to a lot of other norwegian housing projects.

    Look forward to seeing more presentations from Alliance, they are an up-and-comming firm in Norway, who as opposed to a lot of other new ones, actually dare to touch the dirt, -like commercial housing. Kudos !

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