Sports Hall Bale / 3LHD


Project Name: Sports Hall Bale
Location: Domenico Cernecca 3, Bale,
Author: 3LHD
Project team: Saša Begović, Marko Dabrović, Tatjana Grozdanić Begović, Silvije Novak, Ljerka Vučić, Marin Mikelić
Colaborators: Berislav Medić (UPI-2M, Structural Engineering), Robert Alar (UPI-2M, Structural Engineering) Mateo Biluš (B.M.P. Building Physics), Tomislav Fujs (Vodotehnika, MEP Engineering – Plumbing), Branko Ćorko (IPZ-elektroinženjering 22, Electrical Engineering), Igor Šundov (Rena prom, MEP Engineering – Mechanical)
Site area: 3.660m2
Gross floor area: 1.108m2
Volume: 6.084m3
Footprint: 984m2
Client: Bale Municipality
Start of planning: 2005
Completion: 2006
Building costs: 7,5M Kn / 1,0M €
Photos: Damir Fabijaniæ

Bale (Valle in Italian) is a small place in Istria with a population of 1000 people. The new sports hall is adjacent to the old school, and due to the size of the village itself where this building is the second largest after the church, it will also be used as a public facility for various social gatherings. The size of the building has been defined by the basket ball playground and modified by additional facilities on the gallery: a fitness centre and a sauna, while the locker rooms are planned as an extension to the school.

The traditional local dry wall motif has been used as a template for the whole surfacing, and the small traditional hut, the so called kažun, an example of the archetypical structure has been used as the basic structural pattern. The sports hall solution plan has been made to meet the design and construction time schedule of 11 months, which was possible only by using RC prefabricated elements. All the bearing and façade elements of the sports hall have been made from prefabricated elements. Its integration into the environment has been achieved by minimizing its size, blending with the landscape but also by using local materials for façade surfacing which gives to this modern building the appearance of an traditional house.

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    I think it is very successful- beautiful in both composition and conception, and well detailed.

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    This is one great small sport hall and good example for students “How can we make function at this small object” Pozdrav iz Podgorice…pokazivali su nam ovo na fax-u…

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    This structure is very inspiring, with the composition of the stone work and glass for the facade, and the use of green lighting for the interior. It blends perfectly with the surroundings, especially by using local stone materials, which gives this modern building, a traditional look.

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