Southern Ocean Lodge / Max Pritchard Architect

2009-05-9790-03-Southern Ocean Lodge-George Apostolidis

Architects: Max Pritchard Architect
Location: Kangaroo Island, SA, Australia
Engineering Consultant: Engineers Pocius & Associates
Project year: 2008
Project Area: 1,548 sqm
Photographs: Sam Noonan & George Apostolidis

Sam noonan - Copyrighted 2009-05-6422-06-Southern Ocean Lodge-George Apostolidis Sam noonan - Copyrighted Sam noonan - Copyrighted

Southern Ocean Lodge is being described as Australia’s first “Super Lodge”; and has already been named by Tatler Magazine following a worldwide survey as Hotel of the Year 2009.

site plan
site plan

The architecture relates closely with the dramatic site. Tucked back behind forty metre high cliffs, large sweeping window walls capturing the expansive views of the wild Southern Ocean and pristine bush. A strong sculptural element is the one hundred metre long wall of Kangaroo Island limestone weaving from a covered entrance, through the largely untouched bush and into the Main Lodge.

Twenty one guest suites cascade down the slope from the Main Lodge, with access from a Breezeway ramp. Roofs follow the slope of the land, but with a gentle upward, wave-like curve every fourth suite.

2009-05-6422-07-Southern Ocean Lodge-George Apostolidis

2009-05-9790-07-Southern Ocean Lodge-George Apostolidis

The Lodge is independent of mains services: rainwater is collected, electricity is generated on site and waste water is treated by a unique organic waste treatment system. The guest suites are constructed of light weight materials that could be carried in, minimizing site disturbance. Foundations are steel screw piles, framing is timber, cladding is iron and fibre cement, and flooring is recycled timber and .

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  • panza

    beautiful in detail

  • T.Nowicki


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  • mark 1.23.57

    please stop destroying the wonders of the natural world with this kind of architectural crimes… you’ll only be happy when the whole word is covered with this man made bad taste tsunami…. please keep it as nature intended.

    • james

      Agreed, but i would be inclined to blame the developer/client before the architect.

    • jf8

      Mark, why don’t you go hug a tree. This is an architecture site.

  • Squidly

    Mark, we are part of nature; we are nature. what we build is natural, no less a steel mill than a thatched hut. We just have to make wise decisions on the land, and this project is one that respects the land, in my opinion.

  • Thibaut

    Makr 12345, then we should keep this natural world so secret nobody knows it even exists, except on TV? Stupid comment. I’ve actually been to kangaroo island and trust me, it’s really well protected. But thanks humans, you can visit it and even stay there for a night so you have plenty of time to discover it for real. By the way, you should stop surfing the web, you’re polluting the planet consuming electricity!

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  • dito


    should we go back to caves?

  • Michael

    I agree with Mark.
    Look at the aerial view.
    This is a horrible scar on the landscape.
    And for what?
    A bunch of $1000/night hotel rooms.
    Where’s the sensitivity in that?
    I can’t believe the local authorities allowed such a development on a site like that. They clearly don’t value their natural assets.

  • mike

    Very sharp and puristic design … excellent work!

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  • oscar falcón lara

    Oh man, those views are phenomenal, I like how they all snake toward an amazing view. would love to visit sometime soon and experience for myself.

  • dearxh

    will it break the skyline in this island from the sea? i really want to see a photo captured from the sea.

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  • sullka

    What’s with all the hysterical tree huggers?

    Lovely project.

    My only comment is more about interior design, the lobby, lounge and restaurant areas are too cold, a darker color palette and wood would had been nice.

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  • rodger

    world class. love it.

  • jarty

    This is a great project. The area is very protected and isolated so only a few projects get through the council and rightly so. By investing in a hotel like this it creates awareness and helps protect what we have left.
    Think about it mark, this is a single level low impact design which responds to its locality very well.
    This isn’t about being invisible, it’s about being respectful.

  • 3psy

    any human intrusion (especially so impersonal and commercial) in such a beautiful landscape is criminal.

  • Drake

    This is just absolutely beautiful..Anyone know wher I can get the masterplan/blueprints of this building.

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