YAMoPo 2008: Yet Another Most Popular Architecture Sites Ranking

We are architects, and during the last few years we have been reading and commenting on several architectural websites. As many of you do, we love to watch, learn and discuss about architecture online, with people from around the world. One day we decided to put all these sites together to get the whole picture on architectural sites, and then order them according to our likings. But in the meanwhile, we noticed it wasn’t that easy, because each one of us had different interests and approaches.  In our listings, several sites were repeated, but in different places.

So, we decided to find a way to make a standardized procedure to rank and order these sites. Then we noticed Michiel van Raaij at Eikonographia repeated the ranking he started in 2007, the MoPo (Most Popular Architectural Blogs). Although Michiel did a very accurate job, he restricted it to English blogs from individual authors, leaving out several of our favorite blogs from either foreign languages or multiple authors, and some other sitess that mix architecture with other related subjects (design, sustainability, trends, etc).

To expand this rank, we decided to put together some common criteria. The most logical criteria should be the amount of visitors, but this is almost impossible since most sites don’t publish these stats. But there are some other factors you can use to measure the relevance of a website: (a) Rank of websites based on an estimate of their traffic, by Alexa, (b) Google Page Rank and (c) and the frequency of the updates, an average of the entries published in the last 2 months (done by us). That´s how we came up with (Yet Another MoPo).

With all this data, we started to compare our sites listings, and given their focus we decided to (1) shorten the list to the top 40 (after those, most sites don´t update much often) and (2) separate this listing in 2 types of sites: sites devoted to architecture only and sites that mix architecture with other subjects (trends, design, sustainability).

3 Conclusions

  1. It´s clear that architecture exclusive sites are less popular than the ones that cover architecture, trends and design.
  2. Most of the websites are in English (same as almost the whole Internet).
  3. The frequency of updates is highly valued by visitors, which explain us why our blog isn´t at the end of the ranks despite being started a couple of months ago. Sites that  have a better rank update frequently, even several times at a day.

During the next weeks we will present and explain some of these websites, in order to clarify the new panorama of architecture publications on the Web.

Also, as we found out that MoPo wasn´t accurate from our point of view, some of you might think the same about ours, so feel free to leave your comments and recommended sites.

And now, to the ranks:

Architecture only

  1. Archinect
  2. World Architecture News
  3. E-Architect
  4. Plataforma Arquitectura
  5. Architecture MNP
  6. BldgBlog
  7. Eikongraphia
  8. Architonic
  9. ArchiDose
  10. Noticias Arquitectura
  11. Mirage Studio 7
  12. World Architects
  13. Archdaily
  14. Building Design
  15. Pruned
  16. MyarchN
  17. Arqa
  18. Interactive Architecture
  19. World Architecture Community
  20. Things Magazine
  21. anArchitecture
  22. The Architecture Room
  23. Life Without Buildings
  24. Death by Architecture
  25. Subtopia

Architecture and related

  1. Inhabitat
  2. Mocoloco
  3. Dezeen
  4. Notcot
  5. The Coolhunter
  6. Dwell Blog
  7. World Changing
  8. Materialicious
  9. Edgar Gonzalez
  10. Below the Clouds
  11. Dezain
  12. City of Sound
  13. Dezona
  14. Tropolism
  15. Arkinetia Blog

Overall (Arch only + Arch & related)

  1. Inhabitat
  2. Mocoloco
  3. Dezeen
  4. Notcot
  5. Archinect
  6. The Coolhunter
  7. World Architecture News
  8. Dwell Blog
  9. World Changing
  10. E-Architect
  11. Plataforma Arquitectura
  12. Materialicious
  13. Architecture MNP
  14. BldgBlog
  15. Eikongraphia
  16. Edgar Gonzalez
  17. Architonic
  18. Below the Clouds
  19. ArchiDose
  20. Noticias Arquitectura
  21. Mirage Studio 7
  22. World Architects
  23. Dezain
  24. Archdaily
  25. City of Sound
  26. Building Design
  27. Pruned
  28. MyarchN
  29. Dezona
  30. Arqa
  31. Interactive Architecture
  32. Tropolism
  33. Arkinetia Blog
  34. World Architecture Community
  35. Things Magazine
  36. anArchitecture
  37. The Architecture Room
  38. Life Without Buildings
  39. Death by Architecture
  40. Subtopia

Comments? Sugestions? Rants?

Cite: Assael, David. "YAMoPo 2008: Yet Another Most Popular Architecture Sites Ranking" 02 Jul 2008. ArchDaily. Accessed 22 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=3504>
  • http://www.plataformaarquitectura.cl soleundurraga

    Great for Plataforma Arquitectura!

  • http://www.edgargonzalez.com edgar

    gracias por el ranking….!!!!
    buen trabajo


  • http://www.zaha-hadid.com/ Zahaha Hadid

    1) Archinect, World Architecture News, E-Architect, World Architecture Community, The Architecture Room, MyarchN and Death by Architecture are not “blogs”.

    2) Things Magazine is not “Architecture only”.

    3) City of Sound and Tropolism are “Architecture only”, i.e., their overhwelming concern is “architecture”.

    4) Why the last 2 months?

    5) What is this “average of the entries”? Per day? Per week? Per fortnight? Per monthly? And why this average and not that average?

    6) What is considered the minimum “architecture” coverage, wherein above it a blog would be considered “Architecture only” and below this threshold it would be placed with Notcot? 50% of the posts within the past 2 months? Some other percentage within some period of time? Why that percentage and that period of time?

    7) How are these “other subjects” not “architecture”?

    8) Why is there no mention of RSS subscribers?

    9) How is the Alexa traffic estimated? Eyeballing? Some straight edge on the computer screen?

    10) When you say “the relevance of a website”, what did you mean by “relevance”?

    11) One of your “factors” is the “frequency of updates”. Your third conclusion says something about the frequency of updates. If not self-fulfilling, this might be a case of selection bias.

    12) Maybe instead of a list of “popular blogs”, you should just do a list of the “best blogs”. The latter is editorial. It’s your opinion. People may question your judgement but at least they’re not going to bawl over your claim of a “standardized procedure” or objective criteria when in reality that the whole thing’s just a cornucopia of arbritrariness and illogical methodologies.

  • http://www.archdaily.com David Basulto


    Some answers:

    Our mistake, i´m removing “Blog” from the title, and changing it to “sites”.

    Alexa is a complex system that has become the standard for something very hard to measure. But Alexa + Google Page Rank (relevance) are the best parameters we have. Technorati isn’t worth it.

    About feeds, it’s a data we don’t have for all this sites, so we left it out. If everyone had a public feedburner banner, it would be considered.

    About the point 11, it’s to encourage everyone to have more updates ;)

    And please note that this is the list of the sites we frequent and that’s why i state that it’s very likely that this isn’t definitive, but at least it allows other good blogs/sites left out of the MoPo to be credited.

    I appreciate your comments. Who would think that Zaha cares that much about blogs when her site should be on the web museum? ;)

    • http://www.arcspace.com Kirsten Kiser

      You forgot one site:
      Over 2 million page views per month after 12 years on the web..
      Long before most:)

  • http://www.worldarchitecture.org Jonathan Budd

    World Architecture Community is a new portal inaugurated on 1 March 2008. Most noteworthy activity is the recently announced Awards Program 20+10+x where submissions are free.

    It is true that traffic rankings are very problematic. The common practice is based on the number of unique visitors which ignores their loyalty and the “the depth” of their visits.

    Now, WA has a very high average number of pages per visit: 16-26 (recorded by Alexa in various days). This is an incredible value compared to 2-4 pages for architectural portals of highest ranking.

    We can observe from Google Analytics that many visitors visit more than 100 pages, some even 250.

    This is due to the many interactive features where content is uploaded by community members who have reached 1700 people from 120 countries in 4 months.

  • http://www.edgargonzalez.com edgar

    ranking is allways a subjetctive subject.
    and a great deal of work to develop and do,

    congratulations to archdaily, and to the critics, I say : why don´t do your own?
    I think is pretty professional the work that AD has done here, and a very loable one.

    Stop just critizicing and be more proactive,


  • http://www.belowtheclouds.com Daniel

    Woho, I made the list! Not bad for a small design blog from Sweden…

    Let me know if you need detailed stats for a follow up article!


  • Eduardo

    There’s a quite intersting site form Brazil called Vitruvius, with articles and news about brazilian and world architecture its adress: http://www.vitruvius.com.br/

  • VItor Gabriel

    Missing this one:
    Lots of articles and the place to see good architectural work in Portugal and around the world.

  • http://www.edgargonzalez.com edgar

    I think if you do a call up for statistics, most of the people would be willing to share them and all could benefit from a more precise calculation…
    dont you think so?

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  • http://www.plataformaarquitectura.cl andrés besomi [peng!]

    congratulations for the work that you have been done in ArchDaily!
    aguante pNet!

  • http://www.myarchn.com myarchN Team

    On behalf of our community we thank you for the listing.

  • http://materialicio.us Justin

    I’m honored to be included in the list. Thank you.

  • Michael McKenzie

    Terrific idea to rank sites, it’s a great list to discover.

    I would highly recommend > myarchn > AND make it known that this site is not ‘architecture only’ In fact it is a very fast growing site because its posts and forums are filled with social issues, music, photography, environment, climate, and sustainability discussions and it is a very informative, interesting and fun place to be. Come and visit..and say hello to me there!
    Cheers, and thanks much for your efforts!

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  • http://www.zahahadidblog.com/ Zahaha Did

    Zahaha does E.

    Zahaha says, the topic is this list not a phantom list.

    Zahaha says, you can have an objective object, with reasonable amount of qualifications, as with any other, if not, then, what’s up with Archdaily’s very laudable attempt toward such a goal?

    Zahaha says, criticism is proactive.

    Zahaha says, involuntary praise is not.

    Zahaha asked questions, because Zahaha cares.

    Zahaha cares.

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  • martin

    i’m surprised you didn’t include bustler – http://www.bustler.net

  • anonymom

    isn’t bustler just part of archinect?

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  • http://poppypetunia.blogspot.com JUST COOL Design Blog

    hmmm … thanks for the list …i think ill add it to my blog which is a hodge podge of architecture, design and rambling. i really think people are looking for a more engaging narrative on these architecture blogs – to connect more personally with the writer, then just to read a generic, cut and paste architectural description, post after boring post. atleast thats my feeling on it and what i attempt to do on mine. (but then again, architects can be very anal, very straightlaced people ;) – so maybe that is what they like to read haha

    and wowsa! you’ve only been a blog for a couple / few months!??? sheesh, im highly impressed! coulda fooled me

  • http://poppypetunia.blogspot.com JUST COOL Design Blog

    whoops can i retract that anal straightlaced comment…

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  • Mark Tibbs

    Wow, that’s a lot of modernism up there. 3 sites that don’t explicitly embrace modern structures with at least every other post. How about Hewn & Hammered and other sites like it? > http://www.hewnandhammered.com/

  • Fredrik Stenstrom

    Architecture and related

    1. Inhabitat
    2. Mocoloco
    3. Dezeen
    4. Notcot
    5. The Coolhunter

    I love your site and frequently visit it but dude you forgot one of my best design site on the net, Yanko Design! based on my research, Yanko has the highest Alexa ranking than the top 5 you mentioned here. They even show their public feedburner stats out, currently showing 9200. That is not easy to do.

  • Fredrik Stenstrom

    oops forgot to add the link http://www.yankodesign.com/

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