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Architects: 24H > architecture
Location: Koh Kood Island,
Client: Six Senses Bangkok
Architects in Charge: Boris Zeisser, Maartje Lammers
Collaborators: Olav Bruin, Anne Laure Nolen
Program: Auditorium/Cinema, Libary, Art room, Music room, Fashion room, Chill balcony and slide
Local Architect: Habita architects
Constructed area: 165 sqm
Design year:2006-2007
Construction year:2008-2009
Photographs: Kiattipong Panchee & Boris Zeisser

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The 6 star hotel resort Soneva Kiri is located on Koh Kood, an island in the Gulf of Thailand. At this unique site, 24H-architecture designed a series of ecological icons to contribute to Six Senses’ high ambitions in design and ecology. Most prominent is The Children Activity and Learning Centre, which will provide visiting children a wide range of entertaining activities as well as raise the level of ecological awareness with them. This Den provides an Auditorium/Cinema for films, lectures and plays, a library with books on permaculture and local traditions, an Art room, a Music room and Fashion room, thus giving children both creative and ecological education while playing.


roof plan
roof plan

The Den is located at a rocky slope close to the sea. With its Manta-ray inspired bamboo dome, perched in an elevated position so as to offer magnificent views, it seems to launch itself into the bay. The structure and roof are made from local Thai bamboo, thus contributing further to the ecological approach of the resort. The interior is made from local plantation River Red Gum wood and rattan structural elements for the inner domes.

Next to the Den, the site provides a sleeping pod for toddlers, and a toilet building as well as a cooking cave with vegetable garden for the children to prepare their own lunch with a special cook.


The design adopts all bioclimatic aspects to suits its humid tropical environment. The roof cantilevers up to 8m acting like a big umbrella providing shade and protection from the heavy rains. The open design with the translucent elevated rooftop and setback floors allow a natural airflow inside and the use of natural daylight, limiting the building’s energy consumption.

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      shigeru ban style?? what does that even mean?
      that they used wood? that the structure looks lightweight? organic form??? since when did shigeru ban OWN any of those?

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        I refere to the general shape, and this braided wood style…
        I’m not saying that Ban owes those, I’m just saying that it’s not 100% original as it was written above.Nothing else!
        And btw, of course there is a shigeru ban style… every (or almost every) architect has a proper style.

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    It’s very interesting piece of architecture, well crafted and seemingly built with love. Similar to something from a fantasy story, it does fulfill my imagination and dream. Only it’s a pity that this architecture created in an ecological name probably serves only an exclusive group of rich children and perhaps none of them are locals.

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      yes, that was my small bitter taste, too. I wish there would be a lot of locally oriented eco centres like this one, accessible for all groups of children around the globe

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    I would have loved a place like this for myself when I was younger (OK, I would love one for myself right now)… the first thing I thought when I saw it: it looks like the little flying submarine from “voyage to the bottom of the sea”, then I read it is inspired by Manta Rays, same as the sub in the TV show. Love it.

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    hermoso. El material con el que se construyó esta obra es el bambú, en colombia le llamamos guadua, SIMON VELEZ es el máximo representante de la construcción con este material en colombia. puedes ver su obra.

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    I love the tactile quality of the design. It would be wonderful if we could have more fun architecture like this for adults.

    The structure is incredible! Anyone know how to make a model like that?

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    Absolutely stunning, it’s like an inventors studio. Very inspirational structure that is an ideal to stimulate the childrens minds

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      It‘s amazing,What a pity I just see it!The architect have really made something on material. You are the only one who have a photo in this page, beautiful~

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    LOVE the kid play-place! If this were around when I was a kid, MOM would have never found me! Amazing architectural wooden structure. Where are all the elves that are responsible for this one? No matter! You and I will never know.

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    stunning internal spaces, i want to jump on those bean bags… but I’m disappointed it looks just like a manta ray in plan. Why!

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