The Fujimoto Experiment: Five Students, Five Days, One Model

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Last week an online call was put out by Rome’s MAXXI museum promising the first five architecture students to respond a chance to travel to Rome and build a model of Sou Fujimoto’s latest project. The five selected entrants started on their work at MAXXI on Monday and their experience is being broadcast over the course of this week in a series of photos and videos detailing the ups, downs, opinions and thoughts of the students as they work.

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The students, who are aged twenty-two to thirty-one and hail from all over Italy, will spend this week working on the model for Fujimoto’s project Energy Forest – a conceptual, forest-inspired, fueling station of the future. When completed, the polycarbonate model will be hung by cables, and will measure about three meters wide and almost two metres tall, while containing over 3,500 scale figures, 800 sets of furniture, and 100 trees, all of which will need to be glued on by the students.

Courtesy of via MAXXI

The model is being constructed for the exhibition Energy – oil and post-oil architecture and grids, which will open in Rome on March 22nd, and will focus on on the important link between architecture, energy and the environment. Fujimoto’s futuristic forest fuel-station is one of seven proposals, all specifically designed for the exhibition, which explore how architecture can shape new ways in which energy can be distributed. A second part of the exhibition will contain a photographic display by three Italian photographers on the relationship between landscape and energy, while a third section delves into Italy’s post-war history of road architecture.

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If you would like to see the model taking shape, you can follow the progress of the students throughout the week on FacebookTwitterYoutubeFlickr or Instagram.

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  • Third Coast Line

    Are they getting paid?

  • M

    Sounds like exploitation of labor to me…

  • Thomas Vermeulen

    Are we now supposed to cheer for the exploitation of Italian architecture students by Mr. Fujimoto…??

  • Vincent

    The exploitation is as much the fault of Mr Fujimoto as the silly student who don’t care working for free. As long as their are student willing working for free there will be sinical architect to exploit them. CF La Boetie …

  • Intern

    Truth: The model was to big to be shipped from Japan, so SFA’s salves made all the pieces and this italian slaves will build it up.

  • Daniele Agretti

    it’s all about getting dogs, human shapes, trees and furniture glued to pre-shaped surfaces… where’s architecture ?!

  • Juan_PL

    C’mon! Architecture is not a profession, it is a hobby:) Like football, though there are some professional players making real money, regular people do not get paid for kicking the ball on the yard. Just like these students, they have a lot of time for their hobbies, because they have rich parents who pay for it. JUST UNDERSTAND IT

  • MDV

    OMGGG what hip students! Looks like a pretty superficial response to the topic.