Future Floda Winning Proposal / Mandaworks + Hosper Sweden

  • 27 Feb 2013
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  • mini Urban Design
Courtesy of Mandaworks +

With the goal to inspire new visions for the future development of the central part of Floda, Mandaworks and Hosper Sweden’s proposal was recently selected as the the winner of the architectural competition for the future planning of Floda’s city center. Their ‘Down by the River’ concept focuses on and develops Floda’s strongest qualities: water, nature and Garveriet. The public spaces along Säveån refine and develop Floda’s existing character and identity as a community around the water. The proposal’s hook is the Blue Square – an innovative reinterpretation of the square as a public space where the rushing river creates a natural spectacle all year round. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Courtesy of Mandaworks + Hosper

The gushing water from Sävelången to Säveån is the power behind Floda. A city historically formed around the water, Down by the River, recognizes the force of the water in Floda and utilizes the potential of future connections to focus Floda’s future on the water. In Down by the River, four key bridges form the starting point for four new development areas that grow from their specific contexts. In each of the development areas, the existing characters of the site are strengthened while new additions help weave together Floda’s center.

site plan

Proposed settlements are concentrated around the river to support the new connections and bring life to Floda’s waterfront. A variety of building typologies create a mixed use center that allows living, business and service to contribute to a vibrant downtown. Collectively, the proposed densification creates proximity between people and functions, and in turn leads to a pedestrian friendly center and thus more sustainable community. 

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