NG House / Arquitectos Anonimos


Architects: Arquitectos Anónimos®, Maria Veloso and Vasco Aragão
Location: St. Tirso, Portugal
Client: Norte Golfe
Structural consultant: Hélder Ferreira
Floor area: 80 sqm
Site area: 1,100 sqm
Built-up area: 80 sqm
Start of planning: 2006
Start of construction: 2006
Completion: 2006
Photographs: Abel Andrade


Sometimes we dig up foundations only to cover them up again. A safe certainty to determine what can be shown in the pre-existings. This extension, a wooden finished container, side toped with big glass plans, answers to a simple program possible to become a private house.



It is an open space with the pavement equiped, ready to receive the adequate facilities (bath and kitchen modules) to become a single person house. We design a light metalic system which permits ample overhangs, freeing up the interior space from other structural elements or walls. The transmition of forces from the tube-box is supported on the powerfull existing wall.

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  • sullka

    mmmm…….at first glance I thought: AWESOME!

    I still think it’s beautiful, but I think it works better as a house’s pavilion or a guest house, as a main residence it’s too “containerish”.

    Either case would love to see it finished, with the freestanding bathroom and kitchen modules.

    • INawe


  • zga

    very nice but why no windows in the side – mess up the simplicity? too tube/cavelike.

  • hj

    it could’ve used a cantilever imho

  • Eric

    If that’s the structural scheme, it must be tough to get up the stairs…

  • Wargo

    Look as a pavillion.

  • theChavacano

    Yes it looks like a pavillion, a guest house and a container, but still beautiful and works, Portugal, Brazil, what is it the lenguage or the Nyemeyer and Siza influences?

  • Dan

    very nice “kiss” between old and new, light and heavy, solid/open etc.

  • The Big Black & White Zebra

    Elegant simplicity from Portugal… yet again.
    Beautifully designed, detailed and made.

    Why is it bad to live in a tube, why is it wrong to live in a simple space, why does the geometry have to be complex?

    Also, how big a space do we need to live in. As we stamp our footprint ever and ever larger. As populations increase we need to be more modest with the space we take up. Maybe fewer possessions would require less space.

    I like the way the new structure uses the old stone walls in the most delicate way. There is a real dynamic and respect between the two… fantastico!

    • Eric

      I agree – I see nothing wrong with living in a small, simple tube like space…

      However, I don’t see why the designer(s) would interrupt that space with the kitchen module (per the plan and section). I also don’t like how the center section of the plan just sort of feels like left over unused space between the stair, the toilet module and the kitchen module.

      I did notice in the plan that it appears as though there was to be a window behind the wood slats near the stair – but I don’t see it in the photos. I think this type of move would help alleviate the concerns drawn by most of the other critiques.

      • Felipe Goes

        Great house !

  • pi

    beautiful object..but i agree with some of the critic comments likt that’s “too tube/cavelike”

  • Mike

    Ugh. Another uninspired box. Where’s the creativity?

    • Tiago Dias

      For sure, no Zaha Hadid…
      But it seems the architect was dealt very little, and still managed to come out with something interesting.
      Still a box nevertheless…But if I had to live in a box, maybe I would choose this one.
      Maybe the materials, maybe the huge raised window…I don’t know.

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  • sonia

    Hey guys.
    This in fact is not a residential house (but could be), but a stand of a condominium sales call north golf.

    can look at

  • balder van de rose

    that’s very ok.

  • 1GR3

    nice materials but very poor boxy form…

  • Dina Correia

    Love the project! Great combination of materials.
    Muito bom!

  • Paraic Walsh

    Nice Nice building!!

  • Mark Clifford

    Wat r u on about? It looks like a slatted unit!!! the williams studio…ders a building for ya.

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  • Tiago Sillos Padovani


  • SerbianGuy


  • cantileversRus

    L O L!!!!