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TV Azteca Film & TV Sets Campus / at103

  • Proyect: at103
  • Location: Av.Tezozomoc, Xico, State of Mexico, Mexico
  • Architects: at103 (Julio Amezcua, Francisco Pardo)
  • Design Team: Hanni Paz, Sara Ellenberger, Edward O’Donnell, Eugenio Lara ,Aida Hurtado Sofía Martínez, Maxime Hurdequint,Travis Hope
  • Area: 11870.0 m2
  • Proyect Year: 2012
  • Photography: Enrique Macias Martinez

© Enrique Macias Martinez © Enrique Macias Martinez © Enrique Macias Martinez © Enrique Macias Martinez

  • Construction: 2012
  • Structural Engeneer: Javier Ribe
  • Mechanics and Electricity: AKF
  • Illumination: Luis Lozoya
  • Models: at 103 (Roberto Rodríguez, Aarón Rivera)

From the architect. The recently completed TV Azteca Film & TV Sets Campus transforms a complex program of performing arts and TV sets, into a clever game of open and close spaces.

© Enrique Macias Martinez
© Enrique Macias Martinez

The project responds to a proposal that integrates into a single area, the television channel’s requirements for filming, which were previously done in rented sets or locations, adding cost of logistics, transportation. 

© Enrique Macias Martinez
© Enrique Macias Martinez

We densified a space that originally had no specific purpose. Being located in the back of some existing sets, a public square was recreated to serve workers and actors; thus generating an envelope that transforms the scale of the mentioned elements, because of the unusual scheme of the surrounding sets, representing an uncommon exercise in structure, acoustic and mobility.;

Planta Conjunto
Planta Conjunto

at103 is interested in linking public and private space so as to experience a different use than the usual, by pushing the usual practice to a point where it generates new experiences, sensations and atmospheres.

© Enrique Macias Martinez
© Enrique Macias Martinez

The formal project is the result of extruding a diagram of relationships with internal and external programs: 7 sets, backstage area, makeup area, cubicles: audio, video, programming, sitting areas, coffee shop, lounge, classrooms, VIP area, parking hoists, terraces, cafeteria, courtyards, gardens and helipad. On the outside we chose a black terracotta material that unifies the complex and enables the dialogue with the exterior through louvers and subtle insertions of lines filled with LEDs lights that transmit real-time information of what happens on and off the set. Roofs are spaces that can be used for filming, special events or gathering areas.

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