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  • 07 Dec 2012
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© Marcello Mariana

Architects: Buratti+Battiston Architects
Location: ,
Year: 2011
Photographs: Marcello Mariana

© Marcello Mariana

This project of Villa Garavaglia in Mesaro (Milano) is a part of a long research about the house and the domestic interior that Buratti+Battiston Architects worked out in these years with many projects of houses in suburban areas of Milan.

© Marcello Mariana

The relation between inner and outside spaces and the research for a design process that can link space articulation inside with volumes composition outside are the main features of this project. This is a house for a family of three, parents and a daughter, where day and night areas are placed in the ground floor, and a studio with guest room is in the upper level just under the roof. The one-lean roof, the main compositional and typological element of the project, is folded and cut to design interior and external spaces of the house: a big double-height living room is placed beside external patio covered and open to the garden.

© Marcello Mariana

Buratti+Battiston Architects designed also interior and furniture, and in all the rooms of the house the quality of the space is gained by clear and severe finishing exalted by natural light. The palette of the materials used in the exterior is composed by white plaster for walls, teak wood for windows, gray stone for floor and copper for the roof.

© Marcello Mariana

This selection of materials characterized the composition of volumes and many details “super-designed”, as the one of the drain gutter, qualifying the whole architecture.

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    On Google maps: 20 Via Anselmo Sand, Mesero, Lombardia, Italie
    A very beautyfull Villa like a so nice Scarpa’s project!

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