Officierenwijk Residential Zone Winning Proposal / META Architectuurbureau

Courtesy of META Architectuurbureau

Located in a forested area of , , the competition winning proposal for the Officierenwijk Residential Zone consists of 23 single-family houses, of which 17 can be classified as social housing and 6 as affordable housing. Designed by META Architectuurbureau, the different dwellings form, both on a functional as well as aesthetic level, a coherent whole with the façade playing an integral role to achieve this. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Courtesy of META Architectuurbureau

The project is located between Kapelei and Zegelei, to the rear of the existing dwellings along the Bredabaan and Diksmuidelei. Here, a new residential zone is planned, divided into 3 distinct building zones. All facades are designed with the principle of a concrete structural frame with timber in-fill panels.

Courtesy of META Architectuurbureau

In allowing an orderly play in the position of the openings in the façade, a sculptural quality is lent to the street-side façade. The volumes then combine to form a uniform whole that, in its material expression, nods to its wooded location.

Architects: META Architectuurbureau
Location: Brasschaat, Belgium
Collaborators: Simone Valerio, Sofie Dubbers
Client: ARRO Antwerpen
Program: 23 social houses
Competition Status: 2012, First prize

Cite: Furuto, Alison. "Officierenwijk Residential Zone Winning Proposal / META Architectuurbureau" 17 Nov 2012. ArchDaily. Accessed 23 May 2015. <>
  • Justin

    While I love the idea of the project and it’s goal I think that there are certain aspects of this project that are a bit off. In the image of the living/dining area – the spaces feels more like a prison facility, rather than a home. Perhaps it’s just the grey, black, white color scheme but this feels very far from the ideal home. That child would be sitting in the corner, sad, rather than running and smiling.

    Then again, i’m only a 3rd year arch undergrad. any professional opinions out there?

  • gosc

    its not sad its elegance. that child would not runnig or siting sad in the corner. that child woul read nietzsche kant hegel or orwell or hemmingway in the chair drinkig his green tea.