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La Palma / Miguel Angel Aragonés

  • 01:00 - 18 November, 2012
La Palma / Miguel Angel Aragonés
La Palma / Miguel Angel Aragonés, © Joe Fletcher
© Joe Fletcher

© Joe Fletcher © Joe Fletcher © Joe Fletcher © Joe Fletcher +23

© Joe Fletcher
© Joe Fletcher

From the architect. Mexico is a land watched over by the Sun. Why not take advantage, then, of this legacy and make it a pro- tagonist, an accomplice of architectural space? Why not let its powerful presence dwell in our interiors? Why not use sunlight to generate sensations, atmospheres? The Sun is to the architect what the compass is to the navigator; it is both the starting point and guiding principle behind all projects. When viewing a property, the first thing you need to know is where it comes up and where it goes down; where you want its light to enter in the summertime and where during the winter. The Sun has to be captured, manipulated, seduced: its light stored. Not scattered, but softened. This abil- ity—the art of containing light—transforms the archi- tect into a translator, an alchemist of sorts. As in navigation, latitude is the framework behind architecture.

© Joe Fletcher
© Joe Fletcher

In Mexico City, for example, homes are warmer towards the south: there is a continuous, powerful light that lasts while the sun is up. Western light, on the other hand, has a different color and duration. Beyond a doubt, latitude is what colors the world. One of its consequences, climate, is a factor that generates customs with cultural aspects, cosmogonies. Light is a constant.When distorted—modified in terms of frequency or wavelength—different colors and tones of light are achieved: yellow, blue, red... Thus the archi- tect draws, paints with light, by taking it from dusk or dawn and allowing it to burst into spaces, reflected on walls as if they were canvases.

© Joe Fletcher
© Joe Fletcher

One of the most striking aspects of Luis Barragán’s work lies in his handling of light. Many contemporary Mexican architects have made this a vital tool: they have gone down that same path and relearned that same lesson. Light can also become an enigma, given that there is more to it that meets the eye. Understanding light in- volves unraveling the concepts of space and time. The latter is fundamental in architecture given that untime- liness, its opposite, is a plane; the equivalent of a bi- dimensional graphic, an inert vision of space. It is the conceptual element that communicates what the archi- tect wants to do in lines: his idea, his project. The only thing capable of breathing life into that spatial plane is time.

Courtesy of Miguel Angel Aragonés
Courtesy of Miguel Angel Aragonés
Cite: "La Palma / Miguel Angel Aragonés" 18 Nov 2012. ArchDaily. Accessed . <>
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graphiko · September 20, 2015

aqui les va algo interesante. La casa blanca es la entrevista a la mitad del video.

JARS · December 09, 2014

Apart from the political context this house carries, the style is pretty cold, I don´t find the space cozy.

jejeje · November 22, 2014

It is not the politics, it is the honesty.

luz reyes · November 19, 2014

independientemente del momento político por el que pasa esta hermosa obra, me parece excelente el diseño por parte de este arquitecto, sus formas lineales, rectangulares, resaques, doble altura, color, volumen y contraste con el cielo. me gusto

Gabriel Guía · November 12, 2014

1,200 sqm and no personal library, studio or any nice spot to read or write a book, though.

alejandro espinosa · November 19, 2014 07:56 PM

jajaja the president Enrique Peña Nieto lives in this house, so that explains a lot, he was unable to mention 3 book names and authors read in his life.

franchute · November 10, 2014

Beautiful house. Good to know that the hard work of mexican honest politicians is rewarded!!! (in the end the house is not property of the president or his wife, but of the company that was awarded the speed train going from Mexico to Querétaro!, weird that it was the couple who comissioned the house to their taste...)

Ulises · November 10, 2014

Y apocó no es un buen regalo para dar contratos sabrosos? Corrupción mexicana

rudi · November 10, 2014

falta una piscina sin agua por los amigos cual no saben nadar se ve como las autoridades en mexico burlan de su gente

Carolina G. · November 10, 2014

This house was purchaised in very suspicious conditions while the now president of Mexico was a gobernor of the Estado de México. While some have forgotten, the inhabitants this state still remember his corrupt administration. Atenco, just to give an example.

Carlos Romero · November 10, 2014

This house is owned by Mexico´s President wife (Angélica Rivera) former soap opera actress. Valued in aprox 7K. and all her assets are classified information for the Nation. What a mess! Pigs!

dude · November 25, 2014 03:03 AM

it's 7M not 7K (7M=7,000,000, 7K=7,000

Val Lopez · November 24, 2014 01:18 AM

I understand the feeling that this house causes on you—as on other Mexicans as myself, but the architect cannot be blamed in this. And, since this an architecture site, your offensive words not only show your lack of knowledge and appreciation for design, but also your lack of judgement in this situation. Please, do not offend; if we are really to change our country, we have to make smarter judgements and be considerate of others. Sí podemos cambiar.

Hohoho · November 10, 2014

Who are you trying to deceive?

Susana Rojas · November 10, 2014

Me parece una verdadera burla hacia los mexicanos hartos estamos ya, de esta corrupcion y abuso!

Angelica Aguilar · November 09, 2014

la corrupmansion !!!!!!!

Raul Hernandez · November 09, 2014

La Corrupmansión!!

Megg Alosser · November 09, 2014

ES la casa de epn dejo

Octavio · November 28, 2012

Muy padre, quiero una casa asi, ideal para fiestas¡¡¡

Megg Alosser · November 09, 2014 11:25 AM

es la casa de tu presidentucho

fedd · November 20, 2012

Architecture for prostitution business...

JARS · December 09, 2014 06:44 AM

How did you know this two years in advance? I'm shocked!

Megg Alosser · November 09, 2014 11:26 AM

for mexican's televisa pirujas

Megg Alosser · November 09, 2014 11:25 AM

yea! for mexican pirujas

jane · November 21, 2012 11:35 PM

prostitution on this type of architecture? you would starve as a critic.


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© Joe Fletcher

La Palma / Miguel Angel Aragonés