Gallery of Minerals and Atelier / THREE.BALL.CASCADE.

  • 29 Oct 2012
  • Cultural Houses Selected Works
Courtesy of Architecture Design Office

Location: Midori, Yokohama,
Design Team: Keiichi Tama, Syun Sano
Constructor: Kato Chu Komuten
Structure Engineer: Kozo Oshima
Area: 109.52 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Courtesy of THREE.BALL.CASCADE. Architecture Design Office

This architecture is a Atelier with a gallery exhibit of minerals hobby. Supposed to use a second home, we asked to spend time hobby, and it is a place where people gather.

Courtesy of THREE.BALL.CASCADE. Architecture Design Office

Among a variety of site conditions and given that you are always considered to be important when we designed, how “It is quiet” “It has a beautiful space, it is a form of” “It is comfortable” It is the fact that you realize. This site is located on a major road, it is about how noise and interference from others in particular of whether the measures were important.

Courtesy of THREE.BALL.CASCADE. Architecture Design Office

Site along the outline
Buildings disposed along the outer grounds, open space in the center can be on the relationship between building coverage. Designed as an open space courtyard this, consider the angle of incidence of the light, we have to act as sound barrier for the road. Effect was greater for the sound design. May be illusion as if time has stopped and being in this space. When looking at the sky in the courtyard in a quiet place like that, I will be feeling relaxed and spacious.

Courtesy of THREE.BALL.CASCADE. Architecture Design Office

This site is a part of the land that is for sale about 35 years ago. Time for rebuilding is coming around as well residence, Near the house of the future, is expected to continue to be, such as rebuilding or renovations this architecture as a benchmark.

First Floor Plan
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