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Zufferey House / Nunatak Sàrl Architectes

  • 01:00 - 8 July, 2009
Zufferey House / Nunatak Sàrl Architectes
Zufferey House / Nunatak Sàrl Architectes

Zufferey House / Nunatak Sàrl Architectes Zufferey House / Nunatak Sàrl Architectes Zufferey House / Nunatak Sàrl Architectes Zufferey House / Nunatak Sàrl Architectes +21

  • Architects

  • Location

  • Architect

    Nunatak Sàrl Architectes
  • Project Team

    Vassaux Roland, Chervaz Joël, Vassaux Raymond, Scrufari Philippe, Cretton David, Chassot Philippe
  • Area

    182.0 sqm
  • Project Year


From the architect. Architecture

« L'Ardévaz », is the name of that mountain. It is located above the site at the north. Its shape and material structure is the unique inspiration to plan the house. Formally, the house looks like a stone block lying on the ground in a fragile balance. It is covered with a skin of natural slates.

The sloppy roof is in harmony with the east and west sides of the mountain. The fitting' slates is an image of the stone stratum.

The openings remind of the horizontal marks of the old career's path.

Their dimension and position frame the landscape from the first front to the background: vineyards, hillside and mountains.

The unusual aspect of the project does not respect exactly the rules of the local construction regulations. It was finally considered, with courage, like a variation of the traditional roof to two flaps.

The repartition of the familial functions does not follow the usual" best" orientation in that part of the Wallis. The outside extensions of the main living area, like terrace and garden, are located on the east and south sides so that to prevent family life from western wind and hot summer temperature.


For economic reasons and comfort, the house was erected with a prefabricated wood framework with an interior coating in painted wood particle panels and protected from outside with an insulation coat and numerous ranges of slates placed in the same way to the roof'slope.

Roof and floor structure are in "massive" fir planks keeping their natural aspect.

Heating system is integrated inside the floor concrete slab creating an "active slab".

The flooring is composed by a grey and rough concrete screed directly applicated on the slab.

Choice and implementation of the materials were systematically simplified so that to reduce the costs that a shape of sophistication would have increased. Less is more....

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