ArchDaily v2.5: Less is More, our new design

  • 04 Sep 2012
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  • ArchDaily

Dear readers,

ArchDaily is done by architects, for architects. This means that there are architects taking decisions on every level, from the daily curation of projects, to the coding and design of our website.

ArchDaily’s design has stayed practically the same since we started in May 2008, and today we are happy to announce our long due redesign: ArchDaily version 2.5 code name Less is More.

In this version we are presenting a less cluttered, easy to read and more intuitive interface. We have done a tremendous effort to reduce the amount of paths and decisions, as the Less is Moreconcept mastered by Mies van der Rohe has taught us. A tremendous challenge, that made us understand the essence of what we do and what is important to you.

But why v2.5 and no v3.0? While Less is More looks like a very different interface, the structure of the data and gallery browsing are practically the same. And those are the fundamental parts that are currently being developed by our team of engineers and architects, which we expect to release during Q4 2012. This will mean that projects will be available with rich meta data that will allow you to find that wood cabin in front of a lake you have been trying to find, in just a few clicks. And that the image galleries will be blazing fast and adapt to your screen, and your device (hint: tablet and mobile!). On this release we are also exposing our global network: at the top you’ll find a flag to jump to ArchDaily Brasil, ArchDaily Mexico and Plataforma Arquitectura (ArchDaily en Español), a network with more than 7 million visitors per month.

We are in front of a big challenge, and we wanted to put out this revised version after our experience with ArchDaily Brasil and ArchDaily Mexico, as we know that your feedback during these months will help us deliver the best v3.0 possible, making ArchDaily a better tool for you, aligned with our mission:

To improve the quality of life of the next 3 billion people that will move into cities in the next 40 years, by providing inspiration, knowledge and tools to the architects who will have the challenge to design for them. 

Please leave your feedback in the comments section below or through our contact form.


David Assael, David Basulto and the whole team at ArchDaily

Cite: Basulto, David. "ArchDaily v2.5: Less is More, our new design" 04 Sep 2012. ArchDaily. Accessed 16 Sep 2014. <>


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    Navigation is easy. The design is a little bit simplistic. Typography should be tending to more of architectural. Search is OK. Make it easier for us from other parts of he world to upload projects for feature. Well you said you are developing the mobile V3.0, make haste because tabs are not very common in Africa, we use mobile which is affordable and available.

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      Agreed. Comment text is a bit on the small side now, at least on my screen. The main thing I find off is that the “main content” strip is now very narrow and hard to distinguish from ads and subcontent on the right. I know the trend is to eliminate boundaries and boxes but in some cases this can be confusing IMHO. To me this is the most jarring visual change AD has undergone, but I’m sure some people will love it.

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    I think the interface looks too simple.The empty space make the projuect information between them felt crowded.

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    I really like it! The images are much more important and clear now, and the image gallery is faster than before. In this case is true that less is more. Well done.

  4. Thumb up Thumb down +1

    It is ok – looks like all blogs these days – but no turn on for me – to messy on index head – more space so we can “understand” the layout – now it is a bit confusion regarding what is what – a good web design should not be learned, you see and recognize architecture, then you read – search results should have option for only image thumbs!

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    I think it´s better this way.
    Feels cleaner and easier to read and see the photographs.

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    sorry for me its a case of why fix it if it aint broken: i always thought Archdaily was so well designed for the user: THAT was intuitive: now not so: but maybe it takes time to get used to it: but it seems over designed and has taken the function and feel out of it

  7. Thumb up Thumb down +4

    It looks ok but I think the header takes a lot of space. If you can trim it a bit more it would be better.

  8. Thumb up Thumb down -2

    my eyes suffer. too much empty,agressive white space (grey at the bottom will be much better),i missed a thumb in the gallery,i would prefer bigger gap between vertical columns…less is more,but not this time.

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      @R1S0 – Well, you know where the close page button is! :)

      I personally think it’s a breath of fresh air, well done guys.

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    Kudos for the new layout, I think it’s always good to stop and regroup.
    One problem on my part – new font for titles and headers. It’s not very crisp and clean. Different screens give me different readability.

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    Much better! However, PLEASE get rid of those fixed social media buttons to the left of every post. It’s very annoying.

    We’re not a dumb audience–we’ll find the share buttons if we want them. It’s a bit condescending to constantly shove them in our face while we’re trying to read. recently redesigned with a nice approach: The share buttons are hidden until you mouse over a “share this” link.

    Overall, much better. However, I still think the site is a bit cluttered.

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    Congrats, looks great. Being a user since the beginning of this page and watching how it grows it’s nice.

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    Congratulations ArchDaily Team! I really like the new page! There are lots of better features then the older version. I love the way you organized sections up there! My favorites by this moment are: 1- the “selected works” section and the way we can choose between the layout “thumbnais” or “posts” with bigger images; 2- the instagram pictures; 3- classics; 4- books and magazines! And i’m sure i’ll find much other good surprises exploring the new version! Excelent work!

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    I really like it! The images are much more important and clear now, and the image gallery is faster than before. In this case is true that less is more. Well done.but i can’t find the date now

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    Ooh, i was just about to say that I like it all apart from the typeface but then got distracted by the cool new set up for leaving a comment. The typeface just doesn’t seem as clear to me for some reason. Everything else is great though, the page seems to load much faster than before.

  15. Thumb up Thumb down +4

    I prefer the older one.
    Too much information in the images on the top. I prefered that in the way i lowered the page.
    I dont like the font or the black on the titles. The older blue was more easy to the eyes

  16. Thumb up Thumb down +2

    Like the old better. But as some have said it may just be a case of being used to the old, and needing time to adjust.

    I feel the older page had more structure which helped me understand which information was important and which I could ignore. Now everything looks the same. Also feel like the ‘headers’ are floating a bit too much. Needs more grounding. Just my 2 cents.

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    This has always been one of the best sites for content, but even though its gotten much better its still a a very ugle page and it does not look like architects made it.
    you guys should have looked at pages like ore the new work magazines webpage. but still love the site!

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    Hi, I don’t know if this is only my issue, but when I browse the gallery (photos of any project) the title or the phrase “back to project” is coverd by main toolbar(that one which stays always on top of page) I am using mozilla firefox 15.0

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