Connect Sydney / Facet Studio

© Andrew Chung

Architects: Facet Studio
Location: NSW, Australia
Design Team: Yoshihito Kashiwagi, Olivia Shih, Mariona Espinet, Woraphin Lowpakulkiat
Project Year: 2012
Project Area: 150.0 sqm
Photographs: Andrew Chung

An office which controls the light with different height of walls.

© Andrew Chung

This office space is located within a warehouse of a East/ West directional rectangle. Although there is no window at all on South/ West facades, series of large windows dominate the North/ East facades, and fill the space with sun throughout the day even when it is at the centre of the city.  We can generalise the works within an office into 5 activities:

  • To absorb new ideas
© Andrew Chung
  • To research for methods in order to realise the ideas
© Andrew Chung
  • To document the knowledge into writings or drawings
© Andrew Chung
  • To archive the complete work
© Andrew Chung
  • Of course, it is part of the job for staff members to relax
© Andrew Chung

Therefore the question for us is, would it provide more comfort for people working here if we relate their working patterns with the benefits of this natural phenomenon? The quantity and quality of natural light required for the 5 activities differ – productivity of 1. and 5. is generally higher when the staff member is in a more relaxed state, whereas productivity for 2. and 4. is comparatively independent of the changes in natural phenomenon; 3. is somewhere in-between, it is also a connection point between the 2 groups of activities.  By going through the activities in turn, ideas start to take forms and become real.

© Andrew Chung

There we located “2+4”, “3” and “1+5” in order from South to North.  Furthermore we have controlled the quantity and quality of natural light by changing the height and extent of the walls surrounding those activities.


By matching different working activities with different quantity and quality of natural light, people alternate between states of “relaxed” and “concentrate”, hence activate their brain.  We believe in the importance of adequate natural light for different psychological state to enhance work performance, especially for people in the creative field.


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  • andreas

    very nice 3d renderings. must be 3d Studio or C4D ?

    • Samuel AB

      These are photos, that’s why the photographer has his copyrights under each photos.

      • andreas

        2 Samuel;
        it is indeed unfortunate that the architects goes to great length to undermine the borders of the built & unbuilt.
        but these are indeed renderings as can be seen from the lighting, wide angels and photoshop work on transparencys.
        also a sad thing that Archdaily does not do a more thorough work as to communicate these facts.

      • Samuel AB

        I can visually tell that these are photographs. I do a fair amount of computer rendering, my specialty is lighting.

      • Kim Ngoc

        Poor Andreas, you can’t recognize reality from a computer image??? been working too long in front of a screen?

  • Olivia

    It is a real project, I have been there personally. These are photographs. Feel free to cross check with the photographer.

  • Kwame

    I can understand your confusion, but these are definitely photographs. I think you got confused because of the wide angle and the grain at the top of each picture which looks like a rendering issue, but the photographer just took these with an unusually wide angle lens and a tilt-shift to keep the lines vertical so the effect looks more like something you would see in a render.