Infiniski Menta House / James & Mau

  • 31 Jul 2012
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© Luis Salazar

Architects: James & Mau
Location: ,
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Luis Salazar

Project Area: 100.0 sqm
General Contractor And Manager: Infiniski

The house of 100m2 is designed in the shape of a cube organized on one level, including a central living area with an open kitchen, 2 rooms and a common bathroom.

© Luis Salazar

Located in the country side of the Tarragona Province, the project was thought of as a weekend house, which needed to be easy to use, efficient and which would take full advantage of its natural surroundings. The house was designed as a “living Box” which can be “opened”, “closed”, “switched on” “heated”, “cooled down” efficiently, easily and rapidly. The house is designed as a cube ‐ rational and functional ‐ where the transition between exterior and interior areas is as fluid as possible.

© Luis Salazar

The façade system uses Corten Steel panels which create an eye‐catching contrast with its natural surroundings. The shutters play an important role both for the aesthetic value of the house and its energetic efficiency. The Shutters, which are completely integrated within the façade, use perforated panels of Corten Steel. The panels are perforated with the shape of Mint leaves which project luminous forms in the interior during day and in the exterior at night, a little like a “light box”. Those perforated shutters, when closed also work as a solar protector allowing air and light to pass through.

© Luis Salazar

The project relies on a bioclimatic architecture adapting the form and positioning of the house to its energetic needs: natural ventilation, passive solar design, intelligent façade system, natural shades ect.

© Luis Salazar

Instead of using shipping containers, Infiniski decided to use 4 prefabricated (inhouse) metal modules. The house uses 3 modules (ISO transport) which serve as structure. The walls are composed of an eco‐friendly insulation layer made of sheep wool, and cellulose panels. With the joint action of its bioclimatic design, the use of eco‐friendly building materials, the use of renewable energies ( in this case Biomass heating and solar panels) the house gains very high thermal efficiency and was recognized with the highest level of energetic efficiency (Certification A) by the Regional Institute of Energy ICAEN. This allows a reduction up to 60% of energetic consumption.

© Luis Salazar

The house cost 100.000 Euros and was built in 3 months.

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  • riiiight

    “mint Leaves” Hahahahaha

    • melon

      Ahahaha! You took the words right out of my mouth.

    • Randy

      Beat me to it, lol.

  • aaron angeles

    lol ok. its a “weekend house,” i get it. Not necessarily as much of a light box as it is a hot box.

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  • Kyle

    How do those at all in anyway resemble mint leaves? Upon first inspection i was confident that this was going to be a vacation home for Willie Nelson or Snoop Dogg. Hope this is the last time i see a marijuana leaf integrated into a project on this website!


    i love the ganja leaf. says this house is all about love and peace and snoop dogg is always invited. i’d put one on my house but too scared the cops will never stop knocking

  • Martin Dunne

    Nice simple layout, wouldn’t mind popping round for a cup of “tea”… Hmmmm Mint Tea…

  • Thiago

    “mint leaves” I see what you did there…

  • ingmar

    “The house cost 100.000 Euros and was built in 3 months.”
    In reality the house could have cost 50.000 Euros and been finished in 2 months if it weren’t for the builders always having munchies.

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  • Spacer Nix

    Not to be blunt about it, but it seems like a nice little joint. Seems quite like they hashed out the highest and best use for this pot, I mean plot.

    • GS

      Best comment!

  • Spacer Nix

    “This allows a reduction up to 60% of energetic consumption.” and a 500% increase in Frito Lay consumption.

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