Pulse Park / CEBRA

Zen Zone ©

Architect: CEBRA
Client: KildebjergRy, Skanderborg Municipality
Location: Ry,
Project Year: 2011-2012
Size: 24.057 ft²

CEBRA’s latest landscape project situated in Kildebjerg Ry near Arhus, Denmark, is a bit out of the ordinary.  Moving beyond providing flora, walkways and simple playground amenities, the Pulse Park will feature three distinct activity zones that will provide a place for fitness, meditation and play to benefit the residential and business areas nearby.  These zones create an activating framework for physical activities and exercise while forming an integrated part of the surrounding landscape.

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Working from the notion of extending the residential and business area of Kildebjerg Ry, the project aims to create a vivid and coherent neighborhood that encourages an active lifestyle and informal meetings across age, gender, social background and physical abilities.

Zen Zone © CEBRA

Located between two ‘fingers’ of Kildebjerg Ry’s built-up area - with an upcoming business park on one side and a residential area on the other – the Zen Zone focuses on relaxation and sense activation.   A tiered open structure, with places for yoga, pilates and meditation, sits upon an island in a small lake to optimize the sense of relaxation. In this small secluded oasis, all senses are stimulated and different types of plants appeal to the senses of vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch alike.

Pulse Zone © CEBRA

The second zone of the park addresses runners, mountain- and BMX bikers, who use the network of paths and tracks around Kildebjerg Ry for exercise.  The asphalt tracks include several levels of difficulty for athletes, as it traces hills and curves around the zone’s center area.  These tracks surround a series of circular bowls for both runners and bikers, and a centrally placed change in topography acts as the ideal stairmaster for pulse training, or perhaps, a rest area.

Play Zone © CEBRA

The Play Zone is a forest of different functions that relate to both organized and freestyle activities.  Within the forest’s three concentric circles, visitors can enjoy climbing, swinging, jumping and balancing on the different tree-like elements.

The Pulse Park is expected to be ready for use during August 2012.  If you’re near Kildebjerg Ry and happen to enjoy any of the three zones, let us know!

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