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'Sur Mesure' Sticker Installation / FREAKS freearchitects

The ‘Sur Mesure’ Sticker Installation, designed by FREAKS freearchitects, was placed onto the facade of Oscar Niemeyer’s Building for French Communist Party Headquarters in Paris this past December. Known forNiemeyer’s simple construction without ornament, the installation creates a simple, yet interesting addition to the building for people around the city. Completed in the early 1980′s, the intention of letting it “breathe” to the city and not break the site generates an open space district with its undulating forms. This then mirrors the continuity of the urban fabric of the neighborhood and frames the plaza. The video shows the process of installing the immense sticker onto the facade. More images of the installation can be viewed after the break.

Cite:Alison Furuto. "'Sur Mesure' Sticker Installation / FREAKS freearchitects" 14 Jun 2012. ArchDaily. Accessed . <http://www.archdaily.com/242340/sur-mesure-sticker-installation-freaks-freearchitects/>