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Earth Bricks

  • Architects: Atelier Tekuto
  • Location: Chiba, Prefectura de Chiba, Japón
  • Architect: Atelier Tekuto
  • Structural Engineer: Jun Sato Structural Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineer: EOS plus Co,. Ltd
  • Lighting Design: Visual Technologies
  • Construction: Atelier Tekuto, Ogawa Kyoritsu Construction
  • Experiment Supervision: University of Tokyo, Waseda University
  • Area: 184.62 sqm
  • Project Year: 2011
  • Photographs: Toshihiro Sobajima

© Toshihiro Sobajima © Toshihiro Sobajima © Toshihiro Sobajima © Toshihiro Sobajima


Yasuhiro Yamashita/ Atelier Tekuto

© Toshihiro Sobajima
© Toshihiro Sobajima

Soil is the most popular building material in the world, but with the growth of economic and technology, concrete and steel has been used more recently and produce idea of architecture as an economical way and regionality has been disappearing. At the same time, we are on the century of environment, and can’t avoid researching environmental friendly material and construction system. We believe “material not to be influenced by economy” and “environmental friendly material” are essential. There, we focus our attention on “New Soil Structure”.

© Toshihiro Sobajima
© Toshihiro Sobajima

The project started in 2008, and has been developed together with Universities, corporate, and specialist. The concept is “Construction material that can be made with any soil in the world, and return to nature 100%”. With our Earth Block, any clayey soil can be used, and including the additives, it is 100% natural. Its strength surpasses Japanese Construction Standard which is the highest in the world.

© Toshihiro Sobajima
© Toshihiro Sobajima

We believe that this material can make brick houses in developing countries safer, and protect people from earthquakes. We resolve our goal with magnesium oxide, make soil structure strength. Magnesium oxide substances are extracted from ocean and land so can be produced anywhere in the world and resourceful. It is safe as it designated as food additive and harmless to nature.

MgO H2O Mg(OH)2

© Toshihiro Sobajima
© Toshihiro Sobajima

This chemical reaction gives unification to grains of soil and makes more strength to construction. From these result we found out the possibility of use in Japan which has earthquake often. After more detailed examinations, we are planning to free delivery of this information to the world. From the completion of this house, we gain the experiment and knowledge. From now on, we would like to build “Church” “Library” and “Museum” which is suitable for this material.

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