INFILL / John Dwyer Architect

Courtesy of John Dwyer Architect

Architects: John Dwyer Architect
Location: , MN,
Photographs: Courtesy of John Dwyer Architect

Courtesy of John Dwyer Architect

The objective was to create a home with the highest possible performance in environmental and economic measure. Specifically, it was designed to be buildable at an appraisable value, even in the modern housing and lending climate, while having as little maintenance and utility costs as possible. The approach was to design an envelope-centric building that could easily weave itself into an established neighborhood.

Courtesy of John Dwyer Architect

This allowed for the home to reach Passiv Haus standards for energy efficiency and take advantage of distressed properties in the wake of the great recession. Finishes were selected for affordability and durability, featuring dark stained pine, steel, concrete and gypsum. Walls, stairs and the upper floor are urethaned construction grade plywood and cabinets are prefabricated, high gloss white. Spaces are integrated to make the compact plan spacious.

floor plans

On the main level, a single space encompasses all public living functions. On the upper level, a single circulation path loops around a centralized, compartmentalized bathroom with bedrooms radiating out. Windows are placed to embrace the possibility of inhabiting side yard integrated with back yard. The home is currently in development with a client in Saint Paul, Minnesota and available to the public as an integrated delivery service-product.

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