Bicycle Club / NL Architects

Courtesy of NL Architects

Amsterdam-based NL Architects have been asked to design a Bicycle Club for a large resort in , . They have proposed a glass enclosed pavilion capped with a rooftop cycling arena that embodies curves reminiscent of the traditional and functional pagoda. Visitors can rent a bike and join the fun in the open-air velodrome or simply visit the club’s cafe and be entertained while sitting on the large staircases found in the middle of the oval structure.

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Courtesy of NL Architects
Courtesy of NL Architects
Courtesy of NL Architects
Courtesy of NL Architects
Plan 01 - Courtesy of NL Architects
Plan 02 - Courtesy of NL Architects
Section A - Courtesy of NL Architects

Architects: NL Architects
Location: Hainan, China
Client: Vanke Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Hainan
Team: Pieter Bannenberg, Walter van Dijk, Kamiel Klaasse, Yong Cui and Gen Yamamoto, with Michal Krejčík, Zhongnan Lao, Pauline Rabjeau

Cite: Rosenfield, Karissa. "Bicycle Club / NL Architects" 26 May 2012. ArchDaily. Accessed 30 Aug 2014. <>


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      In reality NL are doing projects like that since very long time (Basket bar), don’t really know you got the heritage…

      Great project by the way

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    Too small. You’d be dizzy in 5 minutes riding on it, specially because of the open view that creates some sort of “carousel effect”. Nice project, though. I like the idea of having it higher from the ground and with access stairs in the center.

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