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TED Talk: Daniel Libeskind's 17 words of architectural inspiration

Filmed back in 2009, this TED Talk by Daniel Libeskind has yet to diminish in popularity. Once a free-verse poet, an opera set designer and a virtuoso musician, Libeskind has evolved into an internationally-renowned architect with an illustrious style that has been praised and criticized by many. In just seventeen words, Libeskind describes what inspires his unique approach to architecture. Believing that optimism is what drives architecture forward, he begins by stating, “Architecture is not based on concrete and steel and the elements of the soil. It’s based on wonder.”

Enjoy the talk and continue after the break to review Libeskind’s seventeen words of architectural inspiration.

Libeskind’s seventeen words of architectural inspiration:

Optimism vs. Pessimism

Expressive vs. Neutral

Radical vs. Conservative

Emotional vs. Cool

Inexplicable vs. Understood

Hand vs. Computer

Complex vs. Simple

Political vs. Evasive

Real vs. Stimulated

Unexpected vs. Habitual

Raw vs. Refined

Pointed vs. Blunt

Memorable vs. Forgettable

Communicative vs. Mute

Risky vs. Safe

Space vs. Fashion

Democratic vs. Authoritarian

It is evident that many will form a variety of opinions about Libeskind’s philosophy; however, it is always interesting to learn about different ideologies and inspirations. Tell us, what inspires you?

Via TED Talks

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